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Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Curl Boosting Mousse

Aug 06, 2010 - The product dries my hair out and makes it very, very crunchy with minimal use (maybe dime sized amount). Additionally, it does not define my curls. Just aggravates my frizz.

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Urbanbella - Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Apr 27, 2010 - I have Type 3 naturally curly hair and recently decided that I would embrace my curls for the first time in my life. I initially went to Urbanbella with intentions to buy Miss Jessies products (which is hard to find many other places). I chose this place because it was one of the few that sells this product and stays open until about 6 pm, which is late enough for me to make it after work. When I walked in, there was one employee to assist customers. She was on the phone, but acknowledged that she'd be available to assist me shortly. She was very nice and knowledgeable about the products, so much so that she convinced me to schedule an appointment for a 'Shaping and FingerStyle'. When I arrived for my appointment, although there was another customer already having her hair styled, the door was locked. I found this a bit strange, but I only waited approximately 1-2 minutes for someone to unlock the door for me. I filled out a form that asks info about hair products used, hair care habits, etc.., (which I didn't see the purpose of in the end). After waiting about 20 minutes, I was brought to a chair where I had my hair combed out, while I was asked a few questions about my hair. I shared my whole hair history, mistakenly thinking that this was my stylist for my appointment, but no, she was only the 'comb out person' the first of many people to touch my hair that day. After she combed my hair, she brought me to the shampoo bowl, where yet another person came to wash my hair. I had to ask myself: *Why would they comb my hair out, only to wash it 1 minute later anyway??* That was pointless. My hair was in its natural state and the same before and after the wash. Anyway, 'the shampoo girl' asked me more questions about my hair, which also led me to believe that she would be my stylist for the day, but no, yet again, she wasn't. After being brought back to the styling chair and sitting there for 25 minutes with a dripping wet head that was drying and frizzing by the minute, I was finally approached by my stylist, who barely said anything to me the whole time. She wasn't friendly, didn't seem to care much about anything, and didn't really want to be there. She cut my hair, while it was half-dry and frizzy. She took off about 3 inches, although she said it was 1 inch. Now my prior visit, I was told that they do a strand test, give you hair care advice, test and advise you which products to use for your hair type, but no, they didn't. The stylist chose one product that *she* wanted. She didn't see what worked best. She had to bring me to the shampoo bowl again to wet my hair, then put the product in and had me sit under the dryer for an hour. After looking at the results, I was not happy. I relayed my unhappiness and she didn't care much to do anything about it. In the end, I walked away having to do my hair all over again by myself, at home, having spent $90 to wait for extended periods, had 3 or 4 people in my hair (who I'm sure I was expected to tip all), had a big chop which should have been a trim and had product slathered in my hair and called a 'style'. I payed approximately $200 total with the products. I will not be back.