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Norwood & Company - Arlington, Texas, United States

Jan 30, 2011 - I said it all in the reviews. All the gushing in the reviews (from the curlies anyway) is not an overstatement.

Norwood & Company - Arlington, Texas, United States

Apr 29, 2008 - When I first arrived, they asked me if I wanted something to drink. I was in jeans and a old t-shirt and they treated my like I was at one of those high dollar salons and was dressed better than I was. Then Anthony spent quite some time looking at my hair and asked what my goal for my type 3b hair (I want to grow it out again). He had his work cut out for him because my hair had been butchered by someone someone else (that'll teach me). Every other review here was spot on so I won't go on gushing about Anthony or the entire salon staff, instead I will give some recommendations and observations. Since he cuts the hair dry (Yay!), if you get your curl structure through plopping, do so that morning and just make certain that it is dry before you go in. They are not allowed to "plop" there and even he admits that the curl structure is quite different when you pat your hair dry leaning backwards than forwards. Also, after cutting, when he washed my hair he gave a short neck and forehead massage along with the usual scalp massage that comes with the hair washing. He told me that he read every curly hair book that he could put his hands on, including Ouidad's book as well as Massey's, and has taken as many classes on curly hair that he could. If your hair is in good condition and you take good care of it, he will not insist that you come back "every 6 weeks". He says most curly hair does not need that. When he dries curly hair he uses 2 hairdryers with diffusers. The salon as a whole does not do perms or relaxers/softeners. There is not a curling iron or flat iron anywhere in the place. Their hair coloring is semi-permanent from because they feel that permanent hair coloring does too much damage. They have a sign explaining that their stylist are experts in cutting and styling natural hair and bringing out it's own natural beauty instead of forcing it into something it is not. A wonderful philosophy for us curlies.. but a good one for straights as well. After being in North Texas for 12 years and NEVER once found a haircutter (or hair cut) that I liked, I have finally found my permanent stylist. If he should move to another salon, I will probably move my business with him. If he moves out of state, then I will try someone else at that salon. He is a dream come true. (Ok so a little gushing ;-) MomOfTwins