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Beautiful Textures Naturally Straight

Apr 04, 2014 - Teaching Zumba 4-5 times a week gives me very few chances to wear my hair "straight" without it looking like a hot mess after class so I was excited to try this product so that my blowout could last longer than 1 day and 1 class. I have 3B hair that responds very well to flat ironing without any product, but any hint of moisture will cause it to revert instantly. I liked the idea that this product would allow me to bounce back and forth between my natural hair and make the blow drying/flat ironing process last a little longer. My 1st recommendation is if you have to contact this company with any questions do it very early in the day and expect to be on hold for a VERY long time and most likely disconnected. If you call on the weekend, expect to not speak to anyone. I never did have my questions answered, like how long do I have to wait before I could wash my hair. Now, about the product, the shampoo was ok. It had a pleasant smell and it acted like a clarifying shampoo. The directions say to not use too much of the leave in conditioner and that your hair will feel like it has a residue, but that will go away during the blow drying and flat ironing process. After the 20 minute wait I started the drying process and it seemed like I had goo in my hair. It took FOREVER to blow dry and didn't look any shinier or smoother. The flat ironing process went as normal, but I still felt like I had a lot of "residue" in my hair when I finished. My hair looked far better with just a regular flat ironing than it did after using this product. After a few hours, I couldn't take the gooey feeling and decided to wash my hair with the enclosed shampoo and conditioner. I was a little nervous about my texture being altered and was pleasantly surprised that my curls bounced right back. What I did like about the product, was that it cut down the amount of products I have to put in my hair to keep it from frizzing when just letting it air dry. So the moral of the story is, give it a try and you may be pleased with the blow dry and flat iron outcome without fear of loosing your curls in the end.