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Kinky-Curly Knot Today

Apr 01, 2015 - I bought this product about six years ago, and tried it in various seasons, with different dew points. It never had any noticeable effect on my hair, good or bad, so the bottle lasted for years (until I finally threw it away). I gave it two stars instead of one because at least it didn't seem to do anything negative.

Solano SuperSolano 3500 Lite Professional Hair Dryer

Oct 18, 2013 - This is my first professional quality hair dryer. I knew I needed a dryer which was light weight for easy handling (and the gyroscopic balancing was a plus in that regard), one with low dB for hearing protection and to keep from waking up my husband. I wanted ceramic tourmaline for even, infra-red heat and negative ions. Separate heat and airflow speed controls were also minimum requirements. That lead me to the SuperSolano 3500 Lite, which had some other nice features, such as the 12’ cord, low EMF emissions, nano silver to kill germs, a ceramic heater, lead free build, polycarbonate shell, and Solano’s promise that their dryers are ethically built, without child labour. An appropriate diffuser would have been more helpful for me than the "director" nozzles the dryer comes with; however, the Finger Softstyler Diffuser made by Solano, which I purchased separately, doesn’t seem to be designed to work with this dryer. I was able to find a folding diffuser with a much more open face, and vented posts which works extremely well with it, using the PixieCurl method, or Jessica McGuinty’s method, as posted on her Jessicurl YouTube Channel; and I have found that with the dryer on warm, I can also dry my hair without the diffuser, using my other hand to cup my hair without any discomfort due to heat. So far the dryer is performing extremely well, and I’m able to dry my hair in a very reasonable timeframe without physical discomfort, using the warm setting and low airspeed. I like the results better than air drying, and it’s nice to have the option of doing either. It’s not only quieter than other dryers I’ve had, but is also completely free of that annoying high pitched whine every other hair dryer I’ve encountered has had.

Aveda Brilliant Damage Control

Oct 17, 2013 - This is a silicone free heat protectant. I've used it on the very rare occasions that I've used a flat iron, and have never had any hint of heat damage.

Morgan_Adcock's Latest Salon Reviews

Mario Diab Salon - New York, New York, United States
Carlos Flores

May 03, 2014 - I've been having Deva cuts for over five years. They've all been better than traditional, wet cuts, but they are not all created equal; and my mixed curl pattern can be challenging even for Deva trained stylists. I finally gave in to the urge to try Carlos Flores, who was highly recommended by a number of curly girls I knew, and I'm extremely glad that I did. I'm now enjoying my hair more than I ever have. Carlos did a great job of cutting my hair so my mixed curl patterns work together, and taught me a much simpler routine (using only two products from start to finish) which keeps the curl types from separating. I'll be back!

Devachan Salon and Departure Lounge - New York, New York, United States

Apr 02, 2013 - Prior to going to Devachan, I had had my hair cut by three different Deva trained (one day course) stylists over a four and a half year period, as well as having trimmed my hair following the directions in _Curly Girl: The Handbook_. A few snips into the first Deva cut, I was convinced that this was absolutely the right method of cutting for my hair. I was able not only able to grow my hair, due to lack of hairdresser sabotage, but also able to avoid awkward stages. However, my hair is extremely fine, and my stylist seemed unable to give me a solid enough base to keep my hair from looking straggly as it got longer. I could have gone back to a shorter look, but I was able to trim it lightly enough myself to counteract that, and still hoped that someone who really knows the method could produce even better results. So when a friend suggested we meet at the Mother Ship, I was in. Nevila listened well to my concerns, discussed them with me, offered suggestions, and gave me an absolutely brilliant cut. She also taught me styling tricks to get much better tendril definition, volume, and root lift. I absolutely love the cut I received! It is all that I was hoping it would be, and more. In addition to having the stronger base I wanted, since Nevila deftly used a lighter touch in layering my (much curlier) canopy, my very uneven curl pattern looks uniform. Two months later, my hair continues to look progressively better, as I become more adept at following Nevila's styling suggestions. Multi-day hair has become easier. No matter what the dewpoint is, whether my curls are looser or tighter, or extremely or merely very springy, my curl pattern looks even. I can't even imagine having my hair cut anywhere else.

Live Curly Live Free the Salon - Gulfport, Florida, United States
Tiffany Anderson

May 02, 2009 - I was due to get my haircut about the same time I was going to visit my father in the Tampa Bay area, and suddenly realized I had the opportunity to have it cut by "The Curl Whisperer," a.k.a. Struttswife. I've learned so much from her posts on CurlTalk, and knew from prior reviews that I could expect to learn a lot about my hair, and how to work with it, that I knew I didn't want to pass on that opportunity. The cut is the best I've ever had. It doesn't compare, though, with the amazing amount of education that came with it. It was almost an information overload, though I'm not new to CG. I learned a tremendous amount that is helping me to simplify and fine tune my hair care, and product selection, along with the reasoning behind those selections, which will also help me in future as product availability changes. My only regret? That I live too far away (in northern New York State) for Tiffany to be my regular stylist.