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Curltopia - Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Jan 11, 2012 - I am not new to the natural styles but decided to re-embrace the natural look after a momentary struggle against 'confirming to the corporate appearance’. However, I got off to a slow start trying to find the right product. After asking anyone and everyone that I encounter “what did they do or use in their hair only to be disappointed with their responses…’oh, I just washed and conditioned it!’ Really? Even some of the men I met with curly locks said ‘it's my natural hair’. Again, I am not new to this having come of age in the 70’s where pigtails, afros and cornrows where the style of the day, now everybody has "good" hair! Finally, a friend at the gym told me to check out Curltopia. I was apprehensive and it took about year before I decided to make an appointment, since I really liked my old stylist, we been through so much... However, the stylist at Curltopia - Maxine was fanatics; she really brought my curly pattern to the surface and even more volume. The process was quick and very simple and she explained the process and the product so that you are able to maintain your look and even add your own touch. Wish I had gone sooner! The only down side allot for a little extra time for your hair to dry.