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Kinky-Curly Knot Today

Apr 06, 2013 - This product was great as a detangler, it's a good moisturizer, but my hair just hates it. Iv'e tried using more, using less, under KCCC, under re:coil. Iv'e used the whole bottle. Not only does it take my hair 9 hours to dry, it gives great curls for about 4 hours and then I have a limp mess.Honestly I've had better luck using bee mine daily conditioner under KCCC, it dries faster, gives better definition, and gives 3 day hair. KCKT has great ingredients, I admit I'm baffled by my hairs obvious animosity towards this leave in.

L`Oreal Paris EverStyle Alcohol-Free Curl Activating Mousse

Jan 24, 2013 - Smells good, light crunch easily scrunched out, leaves hair soft, good curl definition (on my under layers). My only complaint is it made my top layer a big frizz ball.

AG Hair Cosmetics Ultramoist Moisturizing Conditioner

Jan 18, 2013 - My new favorite conditioner. I was using L'oreal eversleek, but it stopped working. I tried a ton of different products and I just love this. I have more frizz than when using L'oreal, same amount of shine, but it is softer and I can't believe how light my hair feels. I have very thick hair down to the middle of my back. On top of all that, it smells really good. I also used it on my daughters (now) 2C hair and it looks great, it gave her some curls in her wavy hair :)