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Capella Salon - Studio City, California, United States
Shai Amiel-Owner

Jan 31, 2012 - My First Deva Haircut by Shai Amiel at Capella Salon I apologize in advance for this review being so long, but if you’ve got curly hair like I do, you would sit and read for hours if it meant you could get beautiful curls that you actually like! I’ve had big curly hair my whole life. When I was little no one knew what to do with it, but on a little kid big curly hair is cute. As I got older, my curls got even tighter and my hair seemed to have multiplied exponentially. I spent the next 15+ years trying to tame my hair. All I wanted was straight smooth hair – “wash and wear” hair! In college I tried various salons in the San Diego area and no one seemed to be able to handle my hair. No one could manage it better than I could. I have a friend who always gets her hair cut on a day when she’s going out. I learned early on to do the exact opposite. I knew never to make plans after a hair appointment without having time to go home and fix what the stylist had done…. That is until I met Shai Amiel owner of Capella Salon in Studio City. I had just had a baby and I was looking to wear my hair more naturally. I realized that I just didn’t have time to blow dry it, flat iron it, etc. Knowing that as a “curly girl” I couldn’t just walk into any old salon, I did an online search for the best curly hair salon in Los Angeles. Capella Salon popped up. I read a bunch of reviews about Shai and the salon and also saw that he had been certified to cut curly hair in the Deva way by Deva creator herself, Lorraine Massey. I decided to give it a try. It wasn’t difficult to get an appointment. Shai even works on Sundays. I made an appointment to get a “Deva Cut” – a process created by Massey in which Shai would cut my hair dry. Makes sense doesn’t it? I mean how many of us have been traumatized by salon experiences where the stylist cut our hair when it was wet only to have it shrink up 10 inches to our ears making us look like a cross between Shirley Temple and a poodle? When the big day arrived, I washed and styled my hair the way I normally would and let it air dry without pulling it up or putting any clips in it – as I was directed to do. Unused to wearing my hair down, I sat in a chair looking at the mirror thinking “yuck, I should just keep wearing my hair straight.” Luckily I only had to wait a minute or two for Shai to finish up with a client. I was relieved when the first thing Shai did was ask me the history of my hair. I have been in situations before where the stylist was barely listening to what I was saying. Unlike previous experiences, Shai wanted to hear it all! I immediately liked him and felt that he was really taking an interest in my hair and what I wanted to gain from my experience with him. And what an experience it was! I learned more about my hair during my hour at Capella Salon than I had in my 34 years of getting my hair done at various expensive salons throughout Southern California. The first thing Shai did was diffuse my hair till it was totally dry (As any curly girl knows – it takes a lifetime for our hair to dry naturally). Then he started cutting curl by curl. As he was cutting he was giving me all this great advice about what products to use, when to use them, how much to use. He even took the time to instruct me on how to color my hair at home. When he was done, before looking in the mirror, he warned me that my hair would look A LOT bigger right after he cut it than after he washed it and styled it. Hearing this I expected to look like I had put my hair in an electric socket, but I was fairly surprised to see that even at its biggest, my hair didn’t look half bad! So, after the cut, Shai took me down stairs to wear they wash your hair. I wouldn’t even describe it as “washing” your hair – that wouldn’t do it justice. It’s more like your hair gets its own mini massage. They used the Deva products on me. The Deva No-Poo, and the Deva One Conditioner. Then they walked me over to the mirror so I could watch as Shai’s assistant Amy put two different products in my hair (Deva Arc Angel and Deva Curl Cream). She showed me step by step what to do to make them work the best and answered every question I had regarding the products she was using. Then Amy put clips at the roots of my hair to give it some lift as it dried. Such a smart idea – why hadn’t I done this before! Shai then came over and asked whether I wanted to have my hair air dry, dried with a diffuser or whether I wanted to sit under the dryer. I elected to sit under the dryer. He then pinned a couple paper towels to my head to make sure the dryer didn’t create a frizzy halo. About 20 minutes later I was ready to go. When I first looked at my hair in the mirror, I thought, how is my hair still wet? The hair I was looking at looked like my hair when its still all wet and smooth and frizz free. But my hair wasn’t wet at all! It had dried beautifully! Great curls – No frizz. I was amazed. I couldn’t believe I was about to walk out of a salon with my hair looking beautiful. The quality of my curls was unbelievable. I was actually happy at that moment that I had curly hair and for the first time I was leaving a salon loving my hair! (Guess who wished they had made some plans to go out after all!)