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Salon Studio - Bernardsville, New Jersey, United States

Jun 27, 2011 - I have had such a hard time finding someone to properly cut my hair & am very happy to have found Meghan. She cut my hair dry & seemed to know what she was doing--I certainly have a much more flattering style now than before I went in. I've had a lot of compliments. I will go back to Meghan & definitely recommend her. A couple of things: I did have to go in for an adjustment, b/c a few pieces were quite long. I kind of thought the point of a dry cut was to see the curl pattern & am a little surprised this happened, but maybe it's normal; I guess your hair doesn't curl the exact same way every day. And the same thing happened with my previous dry cut at a different salon, so maybe it's just part of the process. It was a pain to go back but it was superquick & easy & now everything is great. I was a bit distressed when she planned to use a product on me that had silicones (or sulfates--sorry, I can't remember which; cones make more sense though). Anyway, I asked if it had them, & she checked with a colleague, who said yes. Truthfully I'm not so sure it would have been so horrible to use the product, but I figure avoiding cones is such a major CG rule (& the salon stresses its Deva know-how) that I was surprised. But when I said no, she used Deva products instead, so I know they were CG friendly & no harm was done. The price was an issue for me. A Deva cut is normally $100, although I had a coupon so it was less. B/c of the price, I will only go in infrequently. But the salon is really nice & while I waited for my appt they made me the best cappucino I've ever had! :-)