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Mario Diab Salon - New York, New York, United States
carlos flores

Mar 04, 2011 - I just submitted a bad review for another salon, and just to show I am not just a nasty person, I am submitting this contrasting review I wrote a few months ago on the 4a board. I am based in London, so didn't actually visit the Mario Diab salon, however I was lucky enough to get an appointment with Carlos Flores when he was in town last October, and I have to say it was the best hairdressing experience I have ever had. I trust this guy with my hair no question! First of all that was the first time anyone has ever looked excited to see my huge mass of 4a/4b cottony/wiry hair approach them. He gushed about how much he loved my hair. He's really pro-long hair, so didn't want to take much off, but the back of my hair was ridiculously long in comparison, a real curly mullet, so I got him to take quite a bit off. I knew he would be fine with the front of my hair as it is looser and more 'curly', but I was a bit worried about the back where I have very tight curls and some patches that are just 4b kinks and fluff. But he had no problems whatsoever. He cut the hair curl by curl (Devachan style) and put some layers in the back, really shaped it up. I love it! The only thing I was not too keen on was that he used Devachan products, which don't really work that well for me- they make my hair feel a bit dry and crispy. So I went home, re-moisturised with my own products (without re-washing), and all was good. I loved it for months afterwards (apart from a wobble about a week in when I suddenly realised my hair was much shorter in the back, but it really DID need to be shaped, so I'm glad about it) I could easily part my hair with my fingers without the ends snagging. All my single strand knots disappeared. The breakage that I had been experiencing before my cut completely stopped pretty soon after. Also he told me not to come back for a year! Unfotunately, I got some braid extensions in over the new year, and was quite slack with my moisturising and sealing routine, so my ends are in a state again. I really hope Carlos is back in London soon, because honestly the guy is a genius!