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Naimas - Elkridge, Maryland, United States

Mar 15, 2009 - I was looking for a new stylist, and Naima was recommended to me by a friend who has curly hair. Her cuts are very reasonably priced ($40), so I really wanted to like her. The cut is okay, no better or worse than any others I've had, but it was an awful customer service experience that left me in tears. I felt like I really had to fight to get my hair cut the way I wanted it - not the way she wanted it. I had three requests for my haircut - she accomplished one, forgot the second, and argued with me on the third. She asked if I ever straightened my hair, and I said that I loved my curls and didn't like how straight hair looked on me - so she started to dry it straight. I was horrified when I saw what she was doing, and said I would prefer if she dried it curly. She put me under one of the dome dryers for 20 minutes. When I emerged, my hair had absoultely no volume, and she didn't sit down with me afterwards to tweak the haircut - but by this time, I didn't care, I just wanted to get out of there.

Lux Studios - Bethesda, Maryland, United States

Jan 16, 2009 - My haircuts with Joanna have been hit-or-miss. Sometimes she is really precise and attentive (she is good about fine-tuning a cut at the end) - but one time she cut off way more than I wanted, and I wore it up for weeks to hide how short it was.