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Torao Kubo

Apr 17, 2010 - I've been searching desperately for someone who can not only cut curly hair, but cut ethnic hair and shape it in a way that it will look good when worn naturally. Isn't that the holy grail here? FINALLY, I found someone who understands. I found them through GroupON, so I got a super deal, but it would have been well worth the regular price (which is reasonable given the listings on the web site). My highlights are gorgeous and heavier at the ends so that you see them better (since you don't really see the roots much with curly hair worn naturally, especially short like I have it now). The shape is utter perfection. Just what I've been trying to replicate for years since I lost my favorite stylist. I won't say I've replaced her, but I won't say Torao is second either. I'd say I have a tie for the BEST curly stylists ever. I've found my new home in my neighborhood! I know I'll love my do for a while, but I'm still excited about the next time I get to go! Woohoo!