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Scott Musgrave Hair - Cary, North Carolina, United States
Scott Musgrave

Feb 29, 2012 - Absolutely THE BEST curly hair specialist I have ever experienced in my 10+ years of curly hair! The time he took with me, the gentle expertise with which he handled my tresses, the variety of positions he had my head in to have the hair fall into trimming position, the flexibility in allowing and encouraging me to use my own products for the wash, his knowledge of the hair profession, hair types, and hair product types, a great sense of humor, being an excellent and caring listener, and a warm and friendly, yet professional attitude all added up to a PHENOMENAL experience with this intelligent hair specialist. He advised me that he would not have to touch my hair for another 8 months or so, and that between now and then I would know best when it needed to be trimmed again. I love that he boosts my confidence in my own ability to care for and tend to the needs of my hair! We curly girls NEED that. The sculpting he performed on my curly tresses had me feeling like a true work of art when I left. I received 3 complements directly after I left and several more as the day wore on. I was a hair beauty model, thanks to Scott! What a difference this visit made. He is the LAST curly hair specialist you will ever need! I feel as if my curls have "grown up" after visiting him. They fall perfectly, and I feel more confident and attractive than ever before. With Scott tending each curl with care like a patient and enthusiastic gardener, I finally feel that my curls can thrive! I know this sounds like a commercial, but I really can't say enough good things about this wonderful hair specialist (really, I'm just a very satisfied client, not compensated in any way for this review). Scott is located in a very convenient location on the Raleigh/Cary border. His studio is within walking distance of all sorts of family and kid friendly attractions in case you bring along company that needs something to do besides wait on you (usually takes about 2 hours, give or take 30 minutes), although there is plenty of parking (go in the morning if you can, though). There is also a comfortable waiting room if your company decides to stay. He is very reachable, and responds promptly with texting, email, and phone calls, not to mention communication via his website and facebook page. I have never been willing to answer the questions like, "Who does your hair?" or, "Who's your stylist?" I am relieved beyond measure that I have finally found my curly hair specialist, Scott Musgrave, and consider his time a worthy investment in my curls. Thanks to Scott, I have even more pleasure in being a curly girl, and my curly tresses are lovelier than they have ever been. I am eternally grateful! I took so much time writing this review because I sincerely believe I have found a gem. Here on, there is a kinship that seems to instantly bond us curly girls (and guys), and so many of us come here desperate for the hands and knowledge of an expert who will properly handle our curls. This review is for all of us who are seeking, and an expression and realization of HOPE in this search. May the path be easier from here on your hair journey!