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Ouidad - New York, New York, United States
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Nov 19, 2008 - After struggling with my curly Q's most my life I finally found myself at the doorsteps of Ouidad aka The Queen of Curly Hair. You walk into an open airy salon that is extremely professional but somehow friendly and comforting. Instantly I notice all these curly heads I am surrounded by and in a world of pin straight envy surprisingly I feel confident and quite normal. After being shampooed and conditioned I sat in front of a mirror and had my hairdresser actually explain to me exactly how my hair truly is. For the 1st time in my adult life I didn’t feel overwhelmed or misunderstood, I didn’t feel like I had to apologize for my curls. Then the cut started, now this is normally the point where I am beginning to break out in a cold sweat for fear my hair is going to be chopped and butchered. Ok maybe not a cold sweat, but I am normally nervous and for some reason even never being there before I feel calm. I think it was because she explained to me how at Ouidad they have a haircutting technique that is specifically designed for us curly girls. The cut is designed to have my curls puzzle piece together instead of lying on top of one another. She further explained to me exactly why she had chosen the Tame line for my curls and how I can get this very look at home. The technique of applying product is called the “Rake & Shake” and it really is just that. My stylist sectioned my hair in four and then she would pull a little bit of hair out at a time. She raked the product through the small section of hair with her fingers and once she got to the ends she held up the hair and shook it. After the product was applied evenly through out my hair she blow dried (with a diffuser). When she spun me around to look in the mirror I simply could not believe how great my hair looked. I had never seen the perfectly formed spirals I was looking at. Although my hair had product in it, it felt as if it didn’t. It was soft and defined; I don’t even think I have ever used those two words in the same sentence while describing my hair. As I ran my fingers through my locks I knew there was product in my hair, but I had never felt my hair so soft and silky without having it straightened. My fingers didn’t get caught in it one time. Now normally I leave a salon only to grin and bare the style all the way home so I can run into my bathroom rinse out whatever goop they put in my hair as quickly as possible and apply my products. However, this was different. I really hoped I could get this look at home. I was actually sent home with notes and an entire brochure on the products and how to apply them. I definitely had to work on maintaining my look once I got home. The 1st couple of times I applied the product I did struggle a little. I mean I am not a hairdresser and it is a completely different technique then anything else I have every tried to use in my hair. I am happy to say after a couple of tries I must admit my hair looks salon good everyday! I have people ask me on a weekly basis how I get my hair to shine and look so good. I always tell them go see Ouidad!