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Personal Expressions - Haddonfield, New Jersey, United States
Mary Ann

Jun 08, 2013 - Technically this salon is one of the best I've ever been to. They take their time, explain everything quite well and send you home armed with the product you need and the expertise to use it. My hair has looked great since I started seeing them about 8 months ago. However, I will not return to this salon....ever. I have no problem offering services a la carte. What I do have a problem with is not disclosing that up front. The first visit they will do the complete Deva Curl procedure, teaching you how to handle your hair. Second visit they ask if you'd like to do it again, and you think great! Until you go to pay and you realize that now there is an additional fee tacked on to your color fee. All during the winter Mary Ann offered to have me sit under the dryer to take some of the moisture out of my hair before going home. Yesterday I requested a few minutes under the dryer so it wasn't dripping down my back on the drive home. Apparently I exceeded a 5 minute unspoken rule and was yet again charged for the full Deva Curl under the dryer procedure for 10 minutes of dryer time. I don't mind paying for procedures, what I do mind is not being informed ahead of time and being able to make my own decision. If you feel that this type of business practice is acceptable to you, then I highly recommend this salon. If you feel that you'd rather be treated with respect, then I would say find another salon.