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Camille Rose Naturals Curl Maker

Sep 27, 2015 - Low porosity, 4a here. Along my journey, I have stopped women with beautiful curls of all textures and each time I ask them what "cocktail" of products they use, they just mention a hair gel. No leave-in, no oil, no conditioner. So, I have been looking for a styler I can apple directly to my hair after washing/deep conditioning for maximum hold and definition. Most of the stylers I tried were drying after a few days or needed multiple layers, which would cause frizz and buildup after a day or so. It took me a while to try Curl Maker because of the high price, but I finally tried it when I got a gift card + sale. I would gladly pay full price now that I have tried it because it eliminates the need for multiple layering products when styling coily/curly hair. It is a perfect combination of all the great stylers out there. Performance wise, it has the detangling ability of Kinky-Curly Knot Today, the super slip of flaxseed gel, the definition of X-treme wet line, the long-lasting hold of Eco-styler and the moisture of a leave-in conditioner. Most of all, it defines my hair all the way up to the root, which is difficult for most stylers to do with my texture. The consistency is thick, yet slippery and the scent is a fresh grapefruit that fades as your hair dries. The ingredients are nourishing and moisturizing for the hair including nettle, horsetail and Vitamin B-12. No glycerin in this formulation fortunately. The product works well alone for me, but I have tried it on top of Camille Rose almond jai twisting butter, Keracare natural textures leave-in (best combo!), Knot Today and Paul Mitchell The Conditioner with soft and shiny results each time. I have not tried it with my Camille Rose aloe whipped butter gel or curl love moisture milk because those combos do not seem to get good reviews, but I will try it eventually. The hold Curl Maker gives is flexible with movement and it lasts at least for second-day hair. It is truly one-step styling. If you have low porosity hair especially and too many layers of product make your hair undefined or dull, give this product a try. Warm it up before applying for better absorption.

Camille Rose Naturals Aloe Whipped Butter Gel

Jul 20, 2014 - [double post]

Aveda Rosemary Mint Conditioner

Apr 13, 2014 - I have 4a, fine low porosity hair and this conditioner actually makes an amazing leave-in! I discovered it while using the "hotel size"away without my HG products, and purchased the full size once I returned. Compared to other popular leave-ins I have used, Aveda Rosemary Mint consistently maintains the moisture and texture of my hair with little upkeep. It's smoothing performance is comparable to KCKT and Abba's discontinued leave-in, but it is way better at absorbing, elongating, clumping and hydrating. I have been able to forego using KCCC and just style with the conditioner and some pomade (Oyin Burnt Sugar) on the ends. My baby nieces fine,4a hair agrees with this too and the moisture survives playing, naps and into the next day. One less star because it may not work as directed (conditioner) for those purchasing for that purpose. Overall, I have learned that salon quality products are best because they produce consistent results. Yet, many are full of ingredients that do not promote moisture for textured hair. I cannot speak to Aveda's other products, but with the Rosemary Mint Conditioner, I know that my hair won't just look good for a day, but thrive and stay hydrated. FYI, The ingredients do not include glycerin or keratin anymore.