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Headquarters - Bakersfield, California, United States

Jun 13, 2008 - I walked in with hair down to my waist, I walked out with hair up to my ears! And I LOVE IT! I hadn't cut my curls since I reloctaed to Bakersfield-scared I wouldn't be able to trust a new stylist. I searched for an Aveda salon and found the reviews here about Kim. I was totally ready for a new hair/new me look and Kim gave me all that and then some! With every follow up appointment, Kim helps me to keep my curls looking fab by helping to research books and other information on keeping my hair naturally curly! ;)

Headquarters - Bakersfield, California, United States

May 11, 2008 - I LOVE KIM! Wowzers! Me and my uber long curls relocated to Bakersfield a little over 2 yrs ago. (I used to live in the S.F. Bay Area.) I desperately missed my stylist from the Bay who helped me to take good care of my curls, so naturally I was crazy nervous about finding someone to cut my hair out here in NoMansLand. I waited a ridiculously long 18 months before I even dare to try finding a stylist who took curly hair seriously. And when I began looking for a salon/stylist, I was saddened to discover that many of the salons/stylists here wanted to cut my hair then straighten it! ( Cuz' straight hair is all the rage here. :rolley-eyes: ) Yikes! All I wanted was a great cut to show off my awesome curls. After many a Google search, I stumbled upon NaturallyCurly.com and found the 2 lone reviews about Kim, the owner of Headquarters. Since I've great experience with Aveda products, I anxiously made an appointment. After 2 crazy stupid hot summers here in Bakoville, I knew that me and my super long curls needed to part. I simply could not stand the weight & heat of them on my hot little head any longer! So when I arrived, I explained to Kim how I was ready for a drastic change. She asked me repeatedly to confirm my desires to go short, (to make sure I wouldn't end up with buyers remorse!), and I gave the go-ahead. She cut 80% of my hair while dry, taking great care to help the curls fall into their naural position in a fabulously cute, short, edgy style. After washing my hair she only added a little serum and curl creme to keep my locks on full bounce mode-and MY HAIR LOOKED CRAZY BEAUTIFUL! I LOVE IT! <3 I've been back a few more times since and Kim's service is always supreme. She listens very well and gives helpful input whenever I ask. She excellent at explaining how/why your hair will/will-not pull off a particular style. And easily can create one for you based upon your hopes for your hair. When I expressed greater interest in how to care for my curls, she even located books and showed them to me at my follow-up appointments-that's dedication! I'm such a proud devotee that I recently took my 8 yr old daughter to have Kim cut her curls FOR THE FIRST TIME! My kiddo had NEVER had her curls cut before, and Kim took excellent care of them. I am one CRAZY SUPER HAPPY customer. :)