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Tigi Catwalk Curlesque Hydrating Conditioner

Oct 18, 2011 - Yesterday I picked a huge 25.5 fl oz of this conditioner...complete with salon style pump..for $16.99, at my local TJ maxx...Tried it just this morning and I am very satisfied with the results...I recently tried the curls rock amplifier (wrote a review as well) and decided that I would give the conditioner a try, I will agree that there wasn't much slip...hoever I was able to detangle using my fingers while the conditioner was still in my hair...It does indeed have a strong perfumey smell...but its not so intolerable...and its not lingering...well after removing my mircrofiber hair towel( girls I STRONGLY urge you to buy one ...again purchased at my local TJ Maxx 6.99 way chearper than the Deva towel) I was amazed at the definition of my curls, without having put any product on it! If I wasnt rushing to go to work I would have been curious to see how it would have dried with out any product at all...seriously thats the result I got! In any event, I used it as a cowash if that helps, also I have very long hair maybe thats the difference, as the reviews for this product were not so good...Id be interested to see how anyone else does with this conditioner, for now I'd say Im kinda loving it...

Tigi Catwalk Curlesque Curls Rock Amplifier

Oct 13, 2011 - This Product, I will say is really great for controling frizz, a few weeks ago on a very rainy humid night here in NY, I went out after using this product, and my hair looked great all night...despite the awful weather....However, I did have to apply twice, first time I layered with Shea Moisture Curling milk...big mistake...lots and lots of white chunky build up...second time around I only used this and was statisfied..I have learned that using VERY little of this stuff will work, and trust me I have VERY long, thick hair, I have been layering ( using a staple of mine and cheapie too Clear Ice styling gel by ampro) again using very little, for frizz control only and it works well. For me, I think because my curls are pretty well defined with out product it doesnt enhance...more like it controls...found it at my local walmart, after reading a review here...cost me 12 bucks...will get many usages for the price.

SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Style Milk

Sep 29, 2011 - I really like this product! I use it more as a base/leave-in on wet hair with gel. My curls are really soft, and they look really healty. I cant say it helps a lot with the frizz, but I'm in NY, and we've had tons of rain and humidity lately...reading some of the reviews, ( fyi I cowash every day) I thought I would try using on dry hair. this morning I did and I believe it may work better....In any event its worth a try for the price, it will for sure be a staple....I cannot wait to try the smoothie! PS...i found this at my local 24 hours! Hows that for convenience!