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Coppola Liquid Keratin 30 Day Straight Smooth Strong and Long Treatment

Jun 30, 2013 - I have 3c/4a hair. For those ladies that want to wear your hair straight without putting a lot of heat on it. I would really suggest this product. I came across this by accident and purchased it and took it home and tried it. 1st I will say that It does keep your hair straight like it say. The section o my hair that I tried it on has been straight for 3 months now. I really got lazy and did only a section of my hair and sprayed rest of it on my entire head. It loosed my curls greatly and my 2 and 3 strand twist comes out perfect every time. I would recommend this for any one who wants to loosen their tight curls and wear different styles or even want soft and shiny hair in general. Really worth the money. TRY IT YOU WILL LOVE IT. For just loosening your curls spay over entire head completely. When I wash my hair my curls go back to it natural curl pattern except the section I actually straightened. It's grown out though. And my natural curl pattern is coming back. To get your hair straight with no more heat damage use as directed by instructions. Be sure you want to wear your hair straight because it will take a while for your natural curl pattern to grow back. your natural curl pattern is still there and it is not need to cut your hair off you just have to be patient for your hair to grow out to see your natural curl pattern again. Worth every penny. No need to go to a salon when you can do it at home yourself.

DevaCurl Mist-er Right

Jun 30, 2013 - I have 3c/4a hair and I gabbed this product by accident on day thinking it was the Set It Free. I took it home and I had already co-washed and conditioned my hair. So, I took this product out the bag and began spraying and styling my hair. My twist turned out great and bouncy with a fabulous shine. I give this product 4 stars because I really dislike the smell of lavender. If it had been a different smell like the Set it Free I would of rated 5 stars. And keep the product. I feel the product is worth the price but the smell is terrible. There need to be other choices of scents in the product.

DevaCurl Set It Free

Jun 30, 2013 - I have 3c/4a hair and I love this stuff. It locks in the moisture in my hair and because my hair is dry I have to apply it after t-shirt blotting my hair from the conditioner. If the product is used correctly then you will notice a difference in your hair, So, let me explain something to you lovely ladies that is interested about this product and have not tried it yet but want to try Set it Free Moisture lock. This product is mad for those who have DRY hair. The way to use this product is one co-wash your hair buy using a no poo, May I suggest DC no poo or L'Oreal Ever curl conditioning cleanser. Next, follow it will a conditioner. Pay attention to how the conditioner makes your hair fell. The conditioner should make your hair feel soft, full of body and fluffy. Then t-shirt dry your hair by squeezing the water out of your hair. Them apply the DC set it free moisture lock. But ladies here is the trick to this product. The first time you spray this product it will be a little sticky but don't panic. When your done spraying add some water to the product because it is thicker than most of the leaving in conditioners out here on the market. Make sure you leave enough room to shake the product up. You will keep doing this until you get down to about 1/4 of the bottle left and add just a little water to the product. You will find that the product is not sticky and it will do what it is suppose to do which is hold the moisture in your hair. The very last thing you want to do before adding any other products to your hair is to do the porosity test. For those ladies that don't know what that is let me explain it in short. Pull a piece of hair from your head (it does not have to my a long piece) next, place the strand of hair in a clear glass of water and see if it goes under the water without sinking. If it does this your hair is holding the moisture in like is suppose to. If on the other hand it does not go under the water then I would suggest changing your conditioner because your conditioner has silicone in it and not allowing you hair to absorb the product in to the hair shaft. Make your research your ingredients ladies because that will make a world of difference on how your hair respond to products. Always do the porosity test on your hair even when you purchase new products. GIVE IT A TRY AGAIN.