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Carols Daughter Marula Oil Curl Therapy Softening Serum

Sep 11, 2014 - I used this oil as a moisturizer, refresher, and an additive in my DIY Deep Conditioner. I normally use Argan Oil to control the frizz along my edges and it helps but it could always do more because they still do not lay down the way I want them to. I combined this oil with the argan oil for use around my edges and it WORKED WONDERS. When I used this as a refresher with water it coated my hair perfectly and helped to define my curls and my puff was the biggest and softest it has ever been.

Carols Daughter Marula Curl Therapy Diffusing & Styling Lotion

Sep 11, 2014 - I used this product by itself at first and it did not do much to hold my curls which is what I was looking for. It did define them, elongate them, and make them softer so I combined this with some Curls Creme Brulee and it had an AMAZING definition and Hold. I would not use this product by itself but in conjunction with some sort of milk or creme it WORKS WONDERS.

Carols Daughter Marula Curl Therapy Gentle Cream Cleanser

Sep 11, 2014 - THIS WAS FREAKING AMAZING. I normally wash with a sulfate shampoo because it helps with the buildup. I used this product according to the instructions and it made a HUGE difference in my hair compared to when I normally wash with my shampoo. I normally do not use Co-Washes or conditioning cleansers but when I got out the shower I threw my bottle of shampoo in the trash and I will be using this from here on out.