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Judy Jetson - Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Jun 20, 2010 - I went to Feri because of the great reviews on this site and absolutely loved her! She does knows curls:) She did a wonderful haircut with a great layers, fantastic shape and flow. My hair looks great, every curls has its place and she actually managed to give an exact length I asked. She's very professional, has a lot what to say about products and even showed me a tip how to make an updo. I will absolutely go back to her. Love my haircut - loveit, love it, love it!

A. Quinn Hair Studio - Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Jun 20, 2010 - Please beware!!! I went to Arthur because of the great reviews I read on this site. It turned out to be almost the worst cut I've ever had. I should've be warned by his remarks like "This is the beast we need to concur". I actually love my hair and don't think I need to concur it. The cut was a nightmare. He cut my hair straight at the bottom and 1 more straigh cut at the middle of the head, which of course created a dreadful pyramid once my haur was dry. To reduce the volume he did the Ouedad curving technique which clearly doesn't work for my hair type(I have 3b),he completely thinned out my hair and took away all the great curls. I had to wear ponytail since than for about 8 month, till the hair grew up and I went to another place to fix what he did. Please don't the same mistake as I did you have curls.