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Blue Iris Salon - Raleigh, North Carolina, United States
Anson Howard

Apr 04, 2012 - I went here after all the reviews saying Anson is the best. I was EXTREMELY disappointed. I've been following the CG method for about 8 months, and I liked it a lot and it really helped my curls come out more, but also told him that I'm not completely converted because I still straighten it a bit, and occasionally use non-CG products. He laughed....I should have known then that it was going to be terrible. He combed out my curls - yes, with a tight comb! I dont even do this when it's wet and easily detangled, so I was completely shocked. And of course, it's in a huge puff ball, so I dont know how he even knew where he was cutting. After he's finished cutting, he washes and conditions my hair, and we go back to the chair, where he AGAIN, combs it out. He makes a few cuts here and there "to even things out." He then asks me how I usually style it (which I also told him at the beginning of the session), and I told him I dont comb it, and I scrunch it after I'm done in the shower. He then hands me a towel to see how I do this, and I proceed to style and scrunch the rest of the time. He completely backed away from the chair! I went straight home, rewet my hair, and proceeded to style it as usual. The only difference in my hair from when I went in, is that it was 3" shorter - no layers like I asked, no better cut, no style. This has also been a few months ago, as I didnt want to post a comment on here in my frustrated anger, and as I'm sure you can tell, I'm still mad, and I have told every curly I know to never go here!