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Jo Bruno Hair - New Haven, Connecticut, United States

Feb 28, 2013 - No. Never again. The WORST haircut of my entire life. It is devoid of layers; there is no shape. It poofs when in its natural, curly state. When straight, it hangs like a curtain, the bottoms blunt and heavy, the top lacking any movement whatsoever. It is not at all what I asked for. I had, as I was often told, "perfect" hair. Springy curls on the underneath, wild wavy ones on top. I'd finally reached a place where I was happy with the texture of my hair, that once stuck out amongst the pin-straight styles my peers sported. I'd figured out how to style it and I was in love with the ease and consistently curly turnout. The only drawback was that it came to my waist when straight. All of this I explained to this 'stylist' before indicating she take off 1.5-2 inches. She chopped off five. Five. She literally found the shortest layer from my previous haircut (with a different stylist at a now-closed salon, seven months prior) and cut every single hair to the exact same length. It is disgusting. People can't even offer sympathetic "Well you could try...". They want to know who did this to me so they can tell all their friends never to go there; most are amazed I didn't demand a full refund. I did not, by any stretch of the imagination, indicate that I wanted to chop off my long locks; I loved them. Save your hair and your peace of mind.