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Mod a Salon - Akron, Ohio, United States
Pao (pronounced Bow) Washburn

Dec 11, 2009 - I have been a Curly Girl method fan for nearly a year now. I found a salon that was an hour away and that stylist was excellent too. But I decided to find a place closer to home, yet one that knows how to cut and style curly hair, using Deva Curl hair products as well as do a good job of hair color using Goldwell coloring products. Mod a Salon is just the place. Pao showed me some things I was doing wrong that was dragging my curls down and losing the curl during the day. For one thing, I was using a 'hair pick', but she showed me why that was not what to do. It was actually taking the curl out of the ends. She showed me just how to cup and curl my fingers and place them down into the hair on to the scalp and by massaging in a certain way it would revive and 'lift' the curls. What a difference this has made. She did a marvelous job of shaping the style, cutting each curl (dry hair) one curl at a time. Result was a much perkier look for my semi-short hair do. She washed my hair using Deva's No-Poo. I had been using Deva Low-Poo, and purchased before leaving the Deva No-Poo as it will not weigh the curls down so much here in the wintertime. She used paper towels to dry my hair before applying the gel,Deva's AnGel. Again after applying this she gently blotted away any excess gel using paper towels. She recommended the paper towels or a cotton t-shirt, as it has a smooth finish to the fabric and will not be abrasive on the curls causing frizz. I was not using the hair clips to achieve crown height. I had tried but it just didn't seem that I was getting any results. I was not using enough clips either; she put lots of clips into the crown. She took time to show me exactly how to do this, and even had me put some clips in to make sure I knew just how to do it. She showed me how clips can disguise my cowlick on the back of my crown too. I really appreciated her time she spent with me with all these educational tips that makes my curly hairdo look fab! When she dried it she held a blow dryer with a diffuser about 2-3 inches away from the hair. She didn't insert it into the hair but just gently dried it using this hovering technique. Result was that the curls did not frizz at all or be disturbed. The height attained was great; so much more than I had before! Oh, and I had my hair colored too and it is beautiful and sooo shiny. I have fine hair and not real tight ringlets, but now, with the way she gave a good shaping, the curls are much more defined. I love how the curls frame my face. Pao, definitely knows her Cury Girl method, having gone to Devachon in NYC for instructions, and has had several years experience cutting and styling curly hair. I very highly recommend her. Mod a Salon is reasonably priced too for the special treatment a curly girl requires.

Santo Salon and Spa - Pepper Pike, Ohio, United States
Debbie H

Mar 28, 2009 - I went to Debbie for my first ever 'curly girl' hair cut and style. I read other reviews here and had to try this salon and Debbie. I am completely new at this curly girl thing and I am so glad I got connected to this salon and to this excellent person who really knows her curls. She too is a curly girl. I have short hair and am of the 'mature' group of ladies, being age 64. First she talked at length with me taking time to show me a whole set of photos of just curly girl hair styles and together we decided what was going to work for me and she got an idea what I liked too. She cut my curls dry, and one at a time. Then to the 'cleansing bowl' and she used Deva products, starting with Low-Poo, she had a special way of handling the curls even when they were wet so as not to cause frizzies. She used One Condition and was advising me on how I should put this in my hair so as not to disturb the curls. Then she used paper towel to gently dry the hair a little. she said I should use a cotton t-shirt at home to gently blot the wet hair after wetting and conditioning. She followed with AnGell to define the curls and Set It Free -- all Deva products. She used little hair clips on the crown to lift up some of the curls so they would dry with some height there. I sat under a heat lamp with very low flow of air. When I was finished she showed me how to finish the look by shaking the curls. I was so impressed with her knowledge of the Curly Girl method of cutting. She never rushed with me, and gave me endless information and tips. I will be returning in a few weeks to have color done by her. I am so happy to have been introduced to this great way to make my curls look so much better. I have never had such a great hair cut! Hands down, I recommed this salon and this hairdresser. The cost was in line with what I had been paying in a salon that had no idea how to really treat and handle curly hair. Fantastic, and I will be back.