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Evan Joseph Salon - Columbus, Ohio, United States

Jun 01, 2013 - I have wavy/curly hair and was having a hard time finding someone who would do a good job cutting it, so I decided to try Elements after checking out their Facebook page and seeing the pictures there. Elements of Luxury specializes in curly hair and one of the owners/stylists is actually a personal friend of the woman who wrote Curly Girl. It's run by Evan and Carolyn who are a son and mom team. They both seem equally informed about curly hair, so even though Evan cut/colored my hair, I'd happily let Carolyn do it too--especially because she has absolutely gorgeous curly hair! Elements follows the methods laid out in the Curly Girl book very closely, and even though curly hair seems to be more of an art than a science, actually seeing someone do the Curly Girl method on me was particularly helpful. I had bought the book a few months earlier and had been doing my best to implement the techniques explained in the book, but was still having a little trouble getting it to work for me. After going to Elements and actually having someone do it for me that learned directly from the author, I was much more equipped to go home and figure out what worked best for me on my hair. For example, Curly Girl says that you need to use a lot of conditioner and gel, which I had thought I was doing correctly. However, after seeing what Evan did to my hair, I realized that I had to use a TON more than I had been using. Truth be told, I don't use as much as they put on my hair in the salon, but I still use way more now than before and just the other day my husband said, "Your hair is starting to look a lot more like the pictures that you always talk about wanting to look like." I also saw Evan do the hair of a young woman while I was getting mine colored who had never done much with her curly hair and she looked incredible when he was finished--much less frizzy, more defined curls, etc. In Short: Pros: -They love working with curly hair -They know what they're doing with curly hair, so I felt like I could trust them on my first visit -They're so sweet and encouraging that you're trying to learn how to embrace your natural beauty -They're happy to answer as many questions as you have about how to do your hair at home -They explain what they're doing to your hair so you can do it yourself later -Normal price for a salon, I think it was $129 for a cut and overall color of my long hair -They love making women feel beautiful in their curly hair which just made for a really pleasant atmosphere Cons: -They were scheduling two weeks out or more for appointments when I called in -My hair was a pretty product-full when I left, but I've adapted what they did to suit what I like, so that's not a big deal -The appointment took quite long, but I think it's because they weren't terribly busy and were answering all the questions I had for them, so this may be more my fault. Maybe just ask when you make your appointment how long it will take.