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Salon & Boutique Atelier - West Palm Beach, Florida, United States
Joni Sansone

Feb 15, 2012 - I moved down to West Palm Beach 10 months ago and have been hestitant to find a local haircutter because I loved my guy in Arlington, Virginia so much. Ultimately I caved though and I'm glad I did. (10 months without a haircut is never a good idea) ;) I arrived a bit early to their beautiful loft space. As I waited, I was offered everything from coffee to wine. Nice space, super service. Now about my cut and color-- I have naturally curly hair and need someone who understands my crazy locks. Joni took some time to examine the mess on my head. We talked about my product use and my hair routine. Ready, set, go! She went for my color first which was an easy and quick process, thanks to her expertise and down-to-earth personality. As she cut my hair, we chatted about everything under the sun. It was nice to have someone working with my hair and not sit there thinking "oh goodness, this is a wreck." As she blew my hair and used products, I was in the middle of a curly hair class. I swear I learned more about my hair in 2 hours than I've ever known in my 27 years of life. And this wasn't education in the annoying way. This was a genious sharing their knowledge. If you have curly hair, PLEASE let Joni help you. She's an absolute gem of a person and amazing at what she does. PS-- I noticed that I broke up a number of my curls this week because I've been playing with my hair so much! It just feels and looks so nice and healthy. Eventually I'll get used to looking this good... thanks to Joni! :)