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Doo Gro Jamaican Black Castor Oil Curl Defining Crème

Apr 18, 2016 -

A little bit goes a long way with this product, and I am pleased I did not have to use much of the creme for my curls to be less frizzy and more defined. On first day hair, I noticed my curls felt more hydrated, and clumped together better with not much effort. The smell of the creme is very nice and lingered on my hair for a while after drying. However, on second day hair (and beyond), I feel that some of the moisture got sucked out of my curls, and they ended up looking and feeling a bit more dry than usual, which was disappointing.

Doo Gro Jamaican Black Castor Oil Sulfate-Free Conditioning Shampoo

Apr 18, 2016 -

When using this product, I must admit I did not like the way it felt on my scalp during the "shampoo" part of the process. It made my scalp feel a bit greasy, and I had a hard time washing it out thoroughly even though I used a small amount of product, thus not giving me a clean scalp feeling after washing. I have no qualms with the "conditioning" part of the process. I put a little bit more on my ends after washing, left it on a for a minute or so after combing through, and I feel it adequately conditioned my ends. I do like the smell, and it lingered pleasantly on my hair for a little while after washing and styling.

Doo Gro Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Apr 18, 2016 -

I did not feel that my hair or scalp would benefit from using the castor oil on my scalp for moisture or hair growth, so my experience with this product deals mainly with the oil used on the bottom part of my hair to hydrate and defrizz.

The oil is thicker than I am used to using, and the smell is a bit strong for me. Even using a little bit on the bottom half of my hair (along with my normal leave-in), I noticed my hair was more weighed down than I'd like. On first day hair, my curls felt a bit softer and hydrated, but weighed down. Sections of my hair (especially the front, where it is a little thinner and finer) also turned out wavy instead of curling up as usual. In the days after, I noticed my hair would feel greasier faster, but my ends still felt dry.

On an unrelated (hair) note, I did try the castor oil to help combat the dry skin on my hands. A little bit goes a very long way, and I did see a little improvement, so that's a plus!

Toastie's Latest Salon Reviews

Akada - Columbus, Ohio, United States

Jul 20, 2012 - I made an appointment with Mindy after finding numerous good reviews online. I booked with her for a haircut after my wedding and had high hopes for a good cut (especially at the $80+ price the haircut would cost). The salon, the people, and the overall experience was good, but I will not be going back for these reasons: I explained to Mindy that I wanted my 3a hair shaped and trimmed, but most of all wanted to keep the length (which is why I did a ton of research trying to find a good stylist, due to the fact that they always cut more than I want). I also told her I wanted some tips on styling my hair, and to get my bangs trimmed. In fact, the way her hair was cut was exactly the way I wanted mine cut. She seemed to completely understand what I was talking about, so I relaxed and let her go to work. Well, my hair went from long (halfway down my back, that I had spent two+ years to grow) to just above my shoulders. So much for keeping my length :( Mindy hasn't even told me she would cut so much. My mistake in not watching what she was doing in the mirror, I guess. At the end, when she was trimming my bangs, she asked me how I styled them on a daily basis. I told her and she flat out said she didn't like the look of straightened side swept bangs, so she wouldn't cut them anymore than she had. My "bangs" at that point were to the top of my cheekbones, basically the shortest layer on my head and she wouldn't cut them they way I would have liked (to below my eyebrows). I was in such shock at the length of my hair and her refusal to cut my bangs that I was speechless and didn't ask again. I wasn't happy with my hair but didn't say anything because they couldn't glue my lost length back, so I just dealt with it. The shocked look on my husband's face when he saw the cut almost had me in tears (he loves my long curly hair, as do I). Mindy then ended the session by giving me some good styling tips, which I did appreciate. She gets three stars because she really seemed to listen to what I wanted and gave me good styling tips, but in the end cut as much hair as she wanted off and then blatantly told me she didn't like the way I styled my bangs so she wouldn't cut them shorter like I wanted. Another thing is that I called two months later for an appointment for a free bang trim and I was sent to a junior stylist who said "if you want to cut your bangs shorter, you should really make an appointment with Mindy for a haircut so she can make it all flow together". I just wanted half an inch off my bangs, not to be pressured into another $80+ haircut. I will not be returning to have Mindy hack my hair off or to this salon at all.