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Vasuda Salon - Seattle, Washington, United States

Nov 10, 2012 - I personally see Emmett, I have what I think is hard to cut dishwater blond, thick, coarse, curly/wavy hair that he just gets right.................My daughter has blond, fine and super thick curly, long hair.......MATHEW cut her hair and did a really great job, I just loved it and she is over the moon happy with her cut..............What is even better about Mathew is he can read body language and looks..........My daughter is beyond picky about her bangs and he asked her if they were "ok?"..........She gave me the look and then said "ummm yah" ( I thought they were fine myself)........... Mathew immediately picked up she wanted something else done and started right in with how you would like this cut a little more or different with VISUAL CUES giving her a chance to really express what she wanted.....I appreciated he did not just chop them up and then ask.......MATHEW said he has sisters with curly hair like ours and has spent his life listening to the curl issues..............I myself would see him in a pinch if Emmett were busy, he was that great AND I plan to take my son to him with his curly hair that every other stylist on the planet wants to just chop off. (he was already making a plan for him)......I AM ALWAYS HAPPY AFTER MY VISIT TO THIS SALON and I can afford to go in because it is not over the top expensive......I can even afford to buy product after my cut which in the past I have never felt I could do...I love the product lines they offer. A few more things about this salon that I love: 1. Up to 4 weeks after a cut you can get a FREE Touch Up and Bang Trim - Meaning the bangs don't just get chopped off a little leaving you whish you could just get the rest cut to bland back in and it also means you never are disappointed because you can have something fixed with out the blame game or the rush to get back in (My hair continues to dry for hours and looks very different two hours after I walk out of any salon making it very hard to know when I leave a salon how I like the end result - once I had to go back in 2 weeks and it was SOoooo easy to have it fixed and I felt so grateful knowing my $63.00 was not a waste and I had anxiety about it at all...I loved everything but one little spot that got to big after I did my hair) 2. Online Scheduling 3. Birthday Month Discounts 4. THEY DRY YOUR HAIR THE WAY WE WEAR IT!!! (no hours of straightening) 5. FRIENDLY AND COMFORTABLE SALON EXPERIENCE 6. Free Consultations 7. They Know Culry Hair - They are not just OK at cutting curls but rather really Study it.