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Tigi Catwalk Curlesque Curls Rock Amplifier

Mar 13, 2014 - This used to be a fabulous product that left your hair looking great for three days. It was based on amodimethicone, which washes out without sulfates. For some reason, Tigi completely changed the formulation, and now it's terrible. There is no way to get second day hair, and the product is really drying. It contains a large amount of cyclomethicone, so it is hard to wash out, even with sulfates. What a shame. They ruined a great product.

Kinky-Curly Curling Custard

Jan 30, 2011 - I didn't try this product sooner because there weren't many reviews from 2c-3a girls like me and because of complaints about drying time. Then CurlMart accidentally sent me a jar and told me just to keep the order after I informed them of the mistake. Well, Curling Custard has changed my life. My hair has never looked or felt this good, and I can go three days with no touch ups. I diffuse using the pixie-curl method, which gives excellent results and takes care of the drying time issue. For my over-processed, very coarse hair, I leave in Deva Care One Condition (Knot Today is not rich enough), then use the Custard (had to experiment on amounts) and then put some curl keeper on the canopy. Fabulous results!

Herbal Essences Body Envy Weightless Volumizing Gel

Jan 02, 2011 - I don't understand why there aren't any reviews for this product, since it seems like 80% of the people on the forums use it. (It's usually abbreviated HEBE on this site.) I live in a very humid climate, and this is the best gel I've used. I've tried things that cost five times as much and don't give as good results. Hair is crunchy when it dries, but you can scrunch that out. This product gives me great second day hair and no build up. I sometimes use shea butter under it, especially during the most humid months when I have problems with volume, but generally the HEBE on well conditioned hair is all I need.

Tsippi's Latest Salon Reviews

The Fix - Kailua, Hawaii, United States

Oct 04, 2009 - Keoni may be my all-time favorite stylist, and I've had a few. He can do a Deva cut, but is not wedded to the Deva method. That's good, because after a year of flying back to the mainland for my Deva cuts, I finally realized that Deva was not working for my 2c hair in this crazy humidity. I decided to go local and am glad I did. Keoni cut my hair with more layers, and it looks much better. Plus, my hair is not still wet at 5:00 pm anymore. Keoni is also an excellent colorist. (Is it just me, or are straight men the colorists most likely to earn you compliments from the opposite sex?) In sum, Keoni listens, he does what you ask for, and he is super nice and a great conversationist. The salon also has a great vibe. It is very relaxed, no loud music, full of down-to-earth people and employees. I actually look forward to getting my hair done.

Fiddleheads - Washington, District of Columbia, United States

Jul 22, 2008 - First, a caveat: During the over three hours that I was in the salon getting my roots (sort of) touched up, I watched Beth style three people's hair. All three cuts, two of them on curly girls, were nice. My appointment was with Vickie, whom I don't think has been to beauty school; she certainly would never be able to pass a licensing test. First, she almost used a non-permanent color on my 50% gray roots. Fortunately, Beth stopped her in time. Then, she mixed the color wrong (it was like water) and only left it on 20 minutes. Needless to say, the roots were still gray, but she couldn't see that. Beth came back from somewhere (I wish she had been watching what was going on), mixed the color herself, and told Vickie to leave the color on longer. Of course, the color burned like crazy; my scalp is still inflamed, not to mention dyed brown. There were other problems during the three hours, right down to the cashier over-charging me by $20, then not knowing how to do the refund. (No, not even an offer of a discount for all the bother I went through.) I hope there is some other salon in DC that will be able to cut my curly hair; I would dread going back to this place.