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Beverly - Hello Curls Salon - Sacramento, California, United States

Apr 17, 2009 - I appreciate the reviews because now I no longer have to trim my hair myself. I decided to pay back the favor and also write a review that may help someone in the future. Every "curly grrrl" likely has horror stories of really bad haircuts. For myself, I've got horror stories and some mediocre stories. Honestly, this is the FIRST TIME I'VE EVER REALLY HAD A HAIRCUT because it's the first time I've had someone cut my hair who most definitely knows what she's doing. In the past, the most I could hope for (after getting a haircut) was to think to myself "well, it's not that bad, and will look better in a couple of weeks." This has led to long stretches of just trimming my hair myself (why pay money to get butchered?). Although I wouldn't care if Beverly worked out of a barn, I'm happy to also report that the salon itself is just my cup of tea. It's in a lovely Victorian in midtown with nice natural light, and a very nice receptionist, Brittany. I really liked that I didn't keel over from the smell when I opened the front door. In fact, there was no toxic smells at this salon. One other thing about Beverly: She's really down-to-earth and friendly, as well as giving me great advice about how to care for my hair (this was a first for me as well). Have you met those stylists who act snooty because they consider themselves to be "artistes?" I've noticed that those who are truly competent don't need to hide behind such pretenses, and just to add icing on the cake, Beverly is such a person. I'd give Beverly 10 stars without hesitation.