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BaByliss Tourmaline 3500

Sep 30, 2011 - Mine was only $60 on Amazon. I like it, but it doesn't dry my hair quickly enough, so I don't use it all that often. I do like the little stand - I can hang upside down from the bed with it sitting on the floor, and that works very well when I have the time.

Giovanni L.A. Hold Hair Spritz

Sep 30, 2011 - Almost totally alcohol-free (a little at the bottom of a long list of mostly natural ingredients) yet dries fast, holds well without stickyness or crunch, doesn't build up or flake, almost no fragrance, even when first sprayed, doesn't take much, leaves hair shiny and soft. I also use it as a sort of curl reactivator on day 2 and beyond. It's wonderful to have hairspray back in my arsenal without harming my hair!

Giovanni Magnetic Styling Gel

Sep 30, 2011 - One of my favorite gels. Works especially well atop Got2B Mousse for soft, shiny defined, uncrunchy curls with plenty of hold.

WurlyLox's Latest Salon Reviews

Salon Disegno - Lawrenceville, Georgia, United States
Martha Gustafson

Dec 07, 2009 - I strayed for a while and had been using another stylist on the other side of town for a Deva cut. I liked it well enough, but decided to come back to Martha for my most recent cut after seeing her continued good reviews. Martha, you rock even more than when I first tried you! She seems to have further refined her cutting "chops" (forgive the pun!). Very reasonably priced and not difficult to get an appointment; I got one in less than a week. If you're anywhere near, or even if you're not, give her a try!

Salon 54 - Peachtree City, Georgia, United States
Carol Russman

Apr 17, 2009 - I found Carol after looking for Deva stylists on their site. I had already tried the most highly recommended one (when I called to make an appt.) at Bellabloom, also in PTC, and had not been at all pleased. Carol, one of the owners, is herself a curly. She's Deva trained but doesn't use that method strictly, but rather what works for your hair and its current needs after conferring with you. She cut mine wet the first visit, and I loved it the entire time until I went back the second time. That time I had her cutting off old highlights, so she cut it dry so she could see their cut-off point better. I didn't like the cut quite as well, but I think it's largely because I had her go shorter than I really like just to get rid of more of them. Anyway, I'll definitely go back - I already have my next appointment scheduled - the first available was 45 days from when I called, unfortunately - I got in in about a week when I called for the first appointment. I don't know yet which, if either, is the norm. Rates are very reasonable, compared to most other curly cutters I've tried, and I've tried a lot, LOL. I believe it was $38 both times. They're actually located on Hwy 54 between the lake and Hwy 74 in the shopping center on the corner of Willowbend Rd. They use Aveda and other lines, but NOT Deva. She uses methods many of us here are familiar with and use ourselves: applying product to very wet hair, clipping the top for lift, scrunching with paper towels instead of terrycloth, diffusing, etc.

Salon Disegno - Lawrenceville, Georgia, United States

Jun 27, 2008 - I decided to give Martha a try based on the one review I found here. I had used another HIGHLY-rated Atlanta review for my last two cuts - the first time I liked it well enough to go back, but ever since the last cut, my hair wouldn't do ANYTHING, so I was wary about trying another recommendation. But Salon Disegno is so close to home - unlike the previous try - that I couldn't resist. Anyway, I liked Martha and the fact that she herself is a curlyhead (I'd estimate a 3A) and speaks curl-speak :) She gave me a conservative trim to try to get it curling properly again without taking off too much length. It has definitely been doing better, though not quite back to normal. Lack of normalcy is probably still due to the previous cut, not Martha. It's been about a month (have been meaning to post a review ever since), and I'm about ready to go back for another trim to get it further in shape, but so far so good. If my satisfaction with Martha and Salon Disegno changes, I'll update . . .