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Tresemme Curl Hydration Lotion Creme

Jun 11, 2009 - PLEASE! I bought this to save money on more expensive did nothing for my hair whatsoever except give me flakes.

Innersense Color Awakening Hair Bath

Jun 10, 2009 - Not the worst I have used...I am a 3b. Used the shampoo and my hair felt not only dirty but I felt some sort of weird residue. I even tried washing twice before conditioning but the result was the same. I won't buy this product again.

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Curltopia - Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Brynn Cardwell

Mar 24, 2014 - This was my 1st visit to the salon. I arrived at my appointment time of 11:00. Well, it might have been 11:02, truth be told. My hairdresser was Brynn. I checked in and was seated. At about 11:20 Brynn informed me she was running behind. Quite some time later I was seated in the chair where we consulted and discussed my cut. Brynn cut my hair, in a way so that it could grow out evenly. We discussed tapering the hair near the nape of my neck but I asked to think about that for a few. Now during this time two other clients she had been working on were awaiting their next steps in the hairdo process. At this time her next client also walked in for her appointment. In total, there were 4 people awaiting a service of some kind from Brynn. After my hair was cut, she brought me over to be shampooed. At that time, I offered to take a seat and wait so she could get "caught up". That being said, she finished up the 2 clients she had begun before my arrival and got them out the door. She handed me over to someone else to be shampooed. The friendly hairdresser explained the "3-step" process as she went along. Basically, wash, condition, and add product. Problem here: TOO MUCH PRODUCT. My sopping wet hair was drowning in gel and conditioner. Heck, I was almost drowning in all the wetness and goo that was running down the sides of my face and neck. Next I was asked to sit under the dryer. When initially told about this step, I politely declined because the hair dryer makes my 3b hair flat. My hairdresser assured me I would only be under there for a few minutes prior to my request "diffuse" dry style. I was under that dryer long enough for my hair to be crisp-dried. Brynn wanted to diffuse my hair after that but I politely declined. My hair had almost no curl in it, from the weight of all the product plus it was dry now. Added to that it was now almost 3:00. WHO SPENDS 3-4 HOURS IN A SALON FOR A WASH, CUT AND STYLE?? In the end, I couldn't escape fast enough. I drove a good distance, based on all the rave reviews, and had to drive back home afterwards. I would have never spent my money or wasted nearly 4 precious hours of my life (not counting drive time) unless it was for life saving surgery. Sorry for the sarcasm, but the hairdresser was overwhelmed by being overbooked. If you want the salon to have continued success, please try staggering your clients a bit better. I will say the cut was good but it might have been better if my hairdressser was allowed some breathing room.

Cortex Salon - Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Aug 06, 2010 - I went to this salon after spending weeks reviewing and searching for a stylist who would not leave my head a mess. After years of of stylists who would cut my 3b hair and let me leave with it still wet, or straight styled in such a way that it prevented me from seeing how bad the cut is until hours later. I almost always wear my hair curly due to a busy and active lifestyle and wanted a stylist who would understand this as well as the fact that I am growing my hair out for donation to Locks of Love. I was frazzled coming in because I got lost and was almost 30 minutes late. I called in, and was willing to rescedule but the receptionist put me at ease. I made it there to find Roxanne waiting for me at the door. We greeted each other and as soon as I sat in the chair we discussed my hair needs, my lifestyle and highlight options. we discussed color because I had only done it once before and wanted it to look fun and sexy. After that, I had an awesome time, relaxing and chatting on several topics of mutual interest while she went to work...and WORK she did! I can honestly say, it had been YEARS since I left the salon feeling absolutely BEAUTIFUL! My highlights were fun but gorgeous. We decided to style my hair sorta straight but bouncy. I did not work out for 3 days in order to keep this style! After that, I washed it and when the curls were back, I noticed this cut worked equally well. The shape is softly layered but my hair is still full and long with curls everywhere, just the way I like it! I hate that I will need to wait 4-6 months before I can go back. roxanne is to me, a curly hair EXPERT!

Helmet - Atlanta, Georgia, United States

May 03, 2008 - I went to see Erika at Helmet in late March. She gave me the best haircut I have ever had in my life! I grow my curls for donating every 3 years. My previous stylist, knowing this, continually made mistakes by cuttting it too short or unevenly. The last haircut left me with a long, curly mullet!! Erika was able to help repair thjis with a sassy, shapely bob that I love! I went back two weeks later to treat myself to highlights and she did an amazing job with that too!