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La Bella Salon and Spa - Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
Jodi Jones

Sep 20, 2011 - As you may alreay know I am a HUGE supporter of Jodi. Ive left some long reviews.... to long for some, but she is awesome. Plain & simple. I have to let everyone know that Jodi Jones - AKA - Jodi Jones-Vasiliou ( married name ) has moved from this salon. She is now at the following location & thank goodness for the web or I may have lost her ; Salon Concepts Colerain 3657 Stone Creek Blvd. Cincinnati, OH 45251 513-410-0150 Very nice, new salon !!!

La Bella Salon and Spa - Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
Jodi Jones

Jun 16, 2011 - Hey Ladies ! okay so I will make this short and sweet, cuz my last review was really long. I have been to Jodi 3 times now. So I wanted to give you all an update on my hair & Jodi. My first visit was full foil highlight w/ low lights & cut - my long review is below -- As you see I loved it ! My second visit was partial highlight - no cut. What i loved was Jodi did not push or try to persuade me to get a cut. Jodi knows that I am trying to grow my hair. She did not make me feel any pressure at all to get a cut or trim. She was very supportive of my hair goals. I was also ( always am ) tight on money & she let me know exactly what my cost would be -- she also gave me several options to choose from that would fit my budget. My third visit - yesterday June 15 2011 - I got a partial foil highlight and got a cut. She gave my hair a deep conditioning treatment also. My cut is awesome. I love these layers. The color is right on. She really loves her job and loves making you happy. She was very careful with the cut not to over do it b/c she knows im still trying to grow it long & my fears of haircuts. I love the color she does & the haircuts. She is so sweet & very nice to talk with. Very down to earth. It may sound crazy, but I feel like with only 3 visits ------- going to see her is like meeting a friend who just happens to do my hair. I am very comfortable with her. This is the most attention I have given my hair in so very many years. It makes me feel good. The reaction of my family, friends and strangers is even more exciting. I have had the random people at the grocery store and out to eat w/ my hubby stopping me to tell me " I love you hair " & " Your hair is so pretty " That has not happened in a long time ! My family -- They want to know what im doing to my hair & what products im using. My mom and sister are giving me alot of compliments & telling me how healthy and pretty my hair looks. BTW - I am using the Redken ringlet curls 07 - Jodi suggested & I love the stuff ! Also the Redken mousse is wonderful ! A girlfriend I had not seen in a while said " Your hair looks different " " Your hair looks fuller " Another friend said " You look different but I cant figure it out " My hair before Jodi was just plain ok. After Jodi my hair is living up to the potential it has of being beautiful & healthy. I actually am also shocked at how much it is growing. I can see the growth b/c I can see how much my highlights grow out. It looks longer b/c of the cut and b/c it is longer. That is another compliment I get " Your hair looks longer " So in my 3 visits these are the results im getting. Its so wonderful & I feel so much better about myself - I love doing my hair. I am a mother & wife and never do anything for myself but with this I am sticking with this so I can reach the goals I want - long , healthy hair. The only way to acheive this is with Jodi Jones ! I will keep you posted :O)

La Bella Salon and Spa - Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
Jodi Jones

Mar 05, 2011 - I went to Jodi solely because of these reviews. Going to get my hair cut/syled/colored has always been a less then enjoyable experience. I have to many nightmares that I would rather forget about. Let me first by saying Jodi is just wonderful. She knows so much about curly hair. Very easy to talk with, very personable. Upon sitting down in the chair - I told her my concerns - I do not like my hair short - everytime I have gone for a trim, I have ended up with hair above my shoulders and as you curly heads know, growing our curls takes a long time. I was worried about my color which was so ugly because I tried it on my own out of a box about a month ago, which made my hair a golden color. I searched pictures on the net for the color highlights I was leaning for. I did feel kinda strange bringing in a picture but when I told her I had one, she was all about it. Jodi said she could pull the coloring off - which she did ( A+ ) Now for the cut. The last time I had my hair cut was in 2003. That was when it was butchered ( in my profile pic, ) not by choice. Prior to that pic, it was mid back lenght. I obviously developed a fear of the salon - I compare this fear to a fear somone may have of the dentist. BUT reading these reviews gave me the curl courage to do this. She explained she would just cut the stringys off and give me some layers. She did not want cut all the dead ends off because then I would be shorter then what she felt I would like, so she suggest we just go take it slow. What she did - she did cut off the stringy ends, gave me layers, cleaned me up. I could not even tell she cut it as far as the lenght is concerned. After my hair dried, oh my gosh, my hair cut looks amazing. I can see the layers. I like that she did cut each and every dead end off without sacrificing the length. I noticed when she was highlighting my hair she did NOT brush it out like ALL the other salons have done. Every place I have ever been to ( besides Jodi ) brused and ripped my hair to shreds before a highlight job, not good. I read that should not happen and guess what -- It didnt - she didnt !! She was busy so I did offer to leave wet but she would not have it. She said she wanted to make sure I was happy with the color and the cut - she wanted to see it dry. Yay ! So she dried it and I can not beleive someone at a salon dried MY hair. What a beautiful experience. My hair feels so free, so beautiful looking. The color is just right, perfect. I feel like a million dollars. I scheduled to go back in six weeks which I am doing. She is a blessing to the curls - a genius. I am so happy with her. I would also like to add when I scheduled with Jodi I made an appointment to get my brows done. I would recommend doing this aswell and the girl who did my brows was Sarah. She too did an amazing job. While my color was setting in I went to get my brows done - worked out perfectly. Sarah was awesome. I love my brows - they are perfect, just perfect. Sarah was so very sweet & my brows are just the way I wanted them. If you have any reservations about going - dont because If I can do it, you can do it. One more thing, I to have always left wet from a hair place - have to go straight home to do your hair. Jodi finshed me up - I looked like a star - came home and my hubby took me straight out to dinner - I did not even have to touch my hair. One more thing ( i promise ) another thing I really love that she did with me was explain to me what she was doing while cutting my hair, what products she was using - she also gave my hair a conditioning treatment too, which was awesome ! She gave me a play by play as to what she was doing which made me feel so comfortable & relaxed. I learned alot about my curls yesterday. Love yourself & your curls - Go see Jodi Jones !!! AND Sarah for yor brows !!!!!!!! Thanks ladies for the reviews - im so happy.