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Little Miss Fuzzy Head Happy Hair Fusion

Sep 19, 2012 - 4a / 4b hair. I've been natural for 4+ years - shoulder length, healthy hair. I looooove this product. At first, I was hesitant to use it (Fuzzy-Head?!) and the smell is not my favorite, but the instructions looked simple enough and I decided to give it a go. I wet my hair and applied. The first time, I put in just enough (about a quarter-size amount) that my hair was not heavy, maintained its great shape, but also looked bouncy and relaxed, not frizzy or stiff. The second time, I used too much and it was a bit "crunchy." Now, I have gotten the hang of how much to use and apply it from the bottom, top, and do a quick shake through my hair. Love it and will continue to use it. I have not used it for twists, but the instructions say you can do so as well!

Kynx I Am Fierce Refreshing Leave-In Moisturizer

Jun 26, 2012 - 4a / 4b hair. I've been natural for 4+ years. Eh. I would not use this product again. I used this with the Sofn'free GroHealthy Nothing But Clarifying Shampoo for about a month. I also used this product as a leave-in, stand alone. The smell isn't too great - smells artificial. It is sort of sticky, but it helped to detangle my curls and I was able to comb it through my hair fairly easy. As for conditioning, it did really nothing for me. Either the shampoo or the conditioner dried out my hair, but I may lean towards the conditioner more since I used it solely a couple of times. I was expecting some kind of...either curl retainment, or at least my hair to be a bit weighed down. I didn't get either of those results and my hair was frizzy and the curls were all over the place. I won't be using again!

Sofnfree GroHealthy Nothing But Clarifying Shampoo

Jun 26, 2012 - 4a / 4b hair. I've been natural for 4+ years. I used this shampoo for about a month (2-3 times), without the suggestion to follow-up with the Cleansing Conditioner. I instead used the kynx conditioner. This shampoo was fine. The smell is hardly noticeable. I felt that the shampoo did do a deep cleaning of my hair. When my hair dried, my curls weren't as tight and my hair was dried out. I was in a fairly humid and hot climate. Unfortunately, my hair was not responding well to the shampoo (or conditioner) to maintain its natural greatness!