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Jessicurl Rockin' Ringlets

Feb 17, 2011 - I'm dissappointed in this one. I purchased it (plus the light product line sample kit) after all the great reviews, but found for my dry, fine 3b hair, it didn't do much. It gave some curls, but I still had frizz, and my hair looked dry. I've tried it with CC, I've tried it alone, I've tried spritzing some awe inspiraling spray over it, and even tried gelebration spray with it. I'm just not impressed and wish I hadn't bought it.

DevaCurl Heaven in Hair Intense Moisture Treatment

Nov 05, 2010 - This product left me disgusted with my 3b curls. They were dry, limp and looked more like someone had tried to give a scarecrow curls. Thank goodness I bought it from Ulta and could get an immediate refund for this garbage. Ick!

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At Last Salon & Spa - Lincoln, California, United States
Susan Stoll (Owner)

Jan 28, 2012 - I don't understand what the great reviews are about, but this is the WORST haircut I have EVER had! I would have rather gone to a supercuts and had a person trained in straight hair, cut my hair. Susan did cut my hair dry, but separated out each curl to teeny little strands, making my hair look as if it had been brushed out and super poofy! Then she sprayed my hair with a "new" product that didn't do anything to change the huge poof she had created, and told me she was done. It was a "beachy" look. (Riiiight. I lived at the beach before, it never looked like this). When I asked if she was going to wash it or at least wet it down, to make sure the curls curled up right, and to check for any odd curls, she said that was an extra charge. (WHAT?!! Isn't it standard to make sure that the cut looks right after it's been wet? Especially when you've just turned the nicely clumped curls into a frizzy poodle puff?!) Once she did wet it down, she smothered it with a huge glop of gel that made me look like a drowned rat, and left me to dry, while she got going on another customer. She didn't check any curls, as there nearly wasn't any (I'm normally a 3b/c)... and as soon as I walked out the door... my hair went straight into a bun. After a wash and style at home, it was discovered that she cut all of my curls at the weirdest places, making the ends of the curls lay out stringy and rather straight... as if they were in dire need of a cut! I ended up going to a bookstore, reading the Curly Girl book, learned how to cut my own curls, and went home to re-cut my hair myself (I couldn't afford to have someone else fix it. It was so horrible! Now, even though it's not perfect, I at least have ringlets, and curls everywhere instead of nasty strings... I will never EVER go back to her! I love my curls too much to ever let anyone mistreat them like that again. She definitely needs to be re-trained in the DevaCurl method.

Blue Iris Salon - Raleigh, North Carolina, United States

Jan 24, 2011 - This was one of the most uncomfortable experiences I have had in a salon in a long time. I recently moved to NC from CA and have been in search of a stylist. As he was highly recommended on here, I was willing to drive the 2 hours it took to get to him. As it so happened, traffic was very smooth and I arrived about 45 minutes early. I told them I knew I was very early and had no problem waiting for my time. After a few minutes, Anson brought me back to the chair and I explained what I was looking for. He agreed to cut it dry, but then proceeded to comb out my dry hair, and cut it from a bushy, frizzy mess. As others raved about him on here, I thought maybe I was just experiencing a different method from the dry cuts I was used to. Shortly after he began cutting, a walk-in regular customer came in who Anson said comes in weekly to get his hair trimmed up. The minute he acknowledged this person, I felt he began rushing through my cut and paying more attention to what was going on in the front of the salon than with me. He finished a very quick cut, didn't explain anything to me about hair styling (thank goodness I already knew basics of curls), sprayed my hair with a water bottle, rubbed some random product in my hair, and sent me on my way. WTF?! My hair didn't even look any different than when I walked in (I took before and after shots). Had I known I was going to be made to feel like such an inconvenience to him, I would have never bothered.