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Curly Hair Solutions Conditioner

May 04, 2009 - Wow! I'm so surprised about the terrible reviews this product has received on this site, because it works very well for my dry, tangled, hard to manage hair. When I use this conditioner I get soft, shiny, bouncy, light-weight curls that POP! Maybe it's a better product for 4A textures like mine. Nothing detangles my hair better than this product and CHS's Silk Shampoo. A wonderful combination for me. And I adore the Silk Leave-in Conditioner -- it smooths my rough texture to a silky, shiny finish. Love CHS.

Miss Jessie's Curly Pudding

Jan 25, 2009 - WHAT HAPPENED?!! I used to LOVE this product. But when I stocked up last year during the BOGOF promotion, I ended up with 8 jars of a cream that I absolutely cannot use now because it DRIES MY HAIR OUT! I used to get soft, plump, fluffy, shiny, well-defined, beautiful curls that garnered me compliment after compliment. But now I get dry, dull, stringy, untouchable curls that I'm ashamed to wear out. So I had to stop using this product. Very disappointing!! Please MJ, go back to the formulation that gives soft, shiny curls, not this drying, damaging formulation!!

Miss Jessie's Curly Meringue

Jan 25, 2009 - I love the way my hair looks when I put this product on freshly cleaned and conditioned hair that is soaking wet -- I get the prettiest, shiniest, well-defined curls. BUT, when my hair dries with this product, I get super dry, crunchy, hard, untouchable hair. I was so disappointed, because things started out so well. I can't use this product on my delicate 4a curls, because after it dries, it feels like my hair will crack and break off. I'm surprised to hear some say that it is moisturizing. From my experience, it sucked ALL the moisture out of my hair -- it took several deep conditioning treatments for my hair to feel normal and moisturized again. I'm giving it 2 curls because it at least starts out looking pretty. MJ needs to find a way for the product to maintain the look you can create with this cream without the extremely, drying effects.

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Freestyle Beauty Lounge - Smyrna, Georgia, United States

Jan 26, 2009 - Biana creates fantastic hairstyles. I went to her salon and was very impressed with the hairstyles that I saw her create on other women. My own experience, however, was not as good. I have a very delicate grade of all natural hair and I went to her salon for a hair cut and to get my hair pressed. My hair was straightened so straight and with such high heat that it altered my natural curl pattern and I lost my full-bodied natural curls. The straight style didn't even look good and when I left the salon, it felt like I had lost all the volume of my hair. I think Biana is an exceptional hair stylists for women who have very strong, thick, voluminous hair. If your hair is delicate and requires careful handling, then she is likely not the best stylist for you. I don't think she took the time to examine the condition of my hair to determine what level of treatment and care was needed to style my hair. Hence, the harsh over straightening with extremely high heat. Since I stopped visiting her salon, I have had all the damaged hair cut off from the extreme straightening and my hair is full and healthy again. I would recommend her as a stylist because she does beautiful work. Just make sure your hair can handle the strong handling.