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Bigen Protect & Repair Conditioner

Dec 03, 2014 - I followed the instructions of not applying heat (though I was tempted). I kept it on for more than the instructed time because I had forgotten to rinse before then. My hair came out relatively easy to detangle. The scent is really good too! I blowdryed my hair afterwards and flatironed it. I'd recommend the conditioner for sure!

Bigen BeB4 Light Beige Brown Semi-Perm Hair Color

Nov 03, 2014 - Let me preface this with that my normal hair color is pretty close to the one I used. I had my sister who is a licensed beautician put it in for me. My sister followed the directions of shampooing my hair with the product VIA before putting the color in. She applied the color by running it through my hair with her fingers. I was surprised just one bottle covered my whole head, my hair is so thick, I figured one bottle wouldn't do it. So I was pleasantly surprised by that. I let the color stay in for the required time, I think until 30 minutes. Washed it out with cold water then applied the conditioner included and sat with that on for 15 minutes. My sister didn't feel the conditioner (Condition & Repair) did much for me, but it smelled pretty good, like apples. The color isn't much different from my own normal hair color so I didn't see much change. Maybe next time I'll buy an even brighter color to see if I can spot the difference.

Motions Straight Finish Sealer

Aug 09, 2013 - Yeah I wasn't too keen on applying to my dry hair, I had been repeatedly told by other naturals you should apply your heat protectant while your hair is still wet. So you can imagine my reluctance to follow the directions here, but I did. It didn't leave my hair and forehead feeling greasy which I liked. The whole time I was flat-ironing my hair though I saw smoke and was freaked out by it. I hope when I next wash my hair that I haven't done any damage to it (cross your fingers for me). I think the next time I use this, I will change it up and use it on wet hair then blow dry and straighten my hair. We'll see!