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Atmosphere Salon - Phoenix, Arizona, United States
Erica, Rachel and ?

Feb 27, 2009 - Do not, I repeat DO NOT go to this salon if you have biracial hair. That being said, Erica was very nice and friendly and all that. However, Erica was not who I asked for when I called to make the appointment. I was told that Danielle would round brush my biracial curly hair. I was told that because I ASKED that and was told no problem. Well I never even met Danielle. I didnt know I wasnt with Danielle until 2 hours into the very long hair doing process. Erica started blowdrying with a regular little plastic brush and I said I was told that you use the round brush technique and she said it wasnt really her thing. And I said but when I made my appt I asked for that style and so she tried. She also called 2 other women over to help her attempt to tame my alien hair. That felt great! To be the only black person in an all white salon and have to have half the staff TRY to FIX my hair. I finally agreed to let Erica blow dry her way when it was obvious none of them knew how to roundbrush biracial hair even though its the same as roundbrushing anybody elses hair. Then she brought over more help to flat iron. So now I had 2 women flat ironing at the same time. Again - quite a degrading experiece given my uniqueness in the salon. My hair turned out alright. It was better than the Walmart stylists got it a few years ago but it wasnt as good as it can certainly be. The ends were all brittle looking and frizzy.

Elegante - Norfolk, Virginia, United States

Feb 25, 2009 - I hate to leave a bad review but I think people need to know when a salon is not as good as some of the other great ones listed here. While the women at elegante do a great job with the roller set they do not do a good job with the blow dry/flat iron. They use waaaay too much heat and the round brush they use is far too small. I even asked them if they had a larger one and not one person in the whole salon had another size other than the really small size like a curling iron barel. Their results are like an unlicensed stylist result as opposed to a professional result. I gave them ample opportunity and had 3 differnt women on 3 different occasions do my hair and none of them did a good job. My husband, who had seen my hair from another salon, said after elegante did it it looked brittle and like it had a relaxer in it. My hair is completely natural and really silky curls. My hair is usually super shiny and flowy when i get it blowdried and flatironed but it was stiff and brittle after elegante did it. I will say that if it is an absolute last resort and you HAVE to get your biracial or curly hair done, elegante does better than the average salon that knows nothing of curly hair but i have had much much better. If you do go I would say you are better of getting the roller set and then asking them to just flat iron it after that and not blowdrying at all OR just leaving it as is after the roller set.