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DevaCurl DevaCare Arc AnGEL

Nov 14, 2010 - Thankfully I bought the little sample bottles of the Deva products after my disappointing Deva cut. This product made my hair feel very tacky and sticky. I did try it one more time & wound up with the same results. The rest of it wound up in the trash. Disappointed after all the hype!

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ADC Hairstyle at Salon Sabeli - Cornelius, North Carolina, United States

Mar 31, 2014 - I've been a client of April's for over a year now. I found her here, at this site, under her prior salon name "South Mane". April was trained in the Deva cut and does do a dry curl cut but at this point she has developed her own method. April does her own thing which works and which is what I love about her. She also does my haircolor and it always comes out perfect. April has acquired an additional staff member, a young lady named Ali, while I've personally never had Ali cut my hair (yet), I've heard some amazing things about her. I can say that she does give an awesome shampoo with scalp massage! I highly recommend April for all your curly hair needs!

Alter Ego Salon & Day Spa - Charlotte, North Carolina, United States

Jan 22, 2011 - It's been awhile since I've gone to Nicole and that is only because the Ouidad cut combined with the conditioning treatment I always get is $150 (and then add a tip) so it's a pricey haircut. It's hard to always be able to afford to go. I had initially gone to their salon in Pineville in 2005 and Nicole cut my hair (I believe that particular location has since closed). I went back two more times and had Nicole cut my hair. The very last time I went a little over a year ago I had someone else cut my hair because Nicole was so booked up and I was moving out of state. While I was please with the other young lady, all in all I prefer Nicole. She completely explained the Ouidad curve and slice technique and how to wash your hair, apply product and style (as did the other stylist). My curls are always absolutely gorgeous when I step out of the salon. I don't feel like I need to rush home and restyle my hair myself or stick it up in a ponytail when I get in the car. I absolutely love the Ouidad technique for my curls and the products. It's also fairly easy for me to do myself with the Ouidad products. While I don't use all of them all of the time I won't go without the Tress Effects styling gel. I always get compliments on my curls. So until I can afford to go back to Nicole I will go to my hometown stylist since I have now moved back to NC, she does a decent cut for curly hair, her styling for my hair turns out like an afro (she touches it too much) but it's what I can afford at $30. I wish Ouidad salons would come down on their prices a bit.

Salon Bliss - Whitehall, Pennsylvania, United States

Aug 24, 2010 - I am new to the state & researched before finding a salon to cut my 52 year old curly hair. This is the 2nd time I went to this salon. The 1st time I had Gretchen cut my hair back in April '10. I wasn't 100% thrilled with it, it seemed a bit uneven & she cut way too much off the length, but I was able to live with it. Gretchen was very nice & friendly & somewhat explained what the Deva cut was. In June I felt like I needed a trim so I made another appt, spoke with Gretchen & figured I'd discuss what I wasn't happy with as far as the last haircut. Lo & behold I get there for my appt & I'm handed over to one of the newer stylist's, Christy. I discussed with her what my curl issues were, she explained her strategy & started snipping away without any rhyme or reason I could understand. I still couldn't figure out the strategy with the Deva cut. I left there very unhappy with my hair cut. As it is growing out I have chunks missing near the neckline & she cut it super short at the crown where I can't pull my hair into a ponytail w/o having horns pop up. I've straight ironed more in the past 2 months than I have in the past 2 years. I called & left a message for Gretchen who was busy moving the salon, but she called me back in a week & left me a message saying to come in because I may need a few "stray hairs tweaked" (which she had told me after my 1st haircut to do if I found after I washed & styled it). I certainly did not need more hair cut off that's for sure. I do not care for the Deva cut, or perhaps it's this particular stylist that has scarred me. I haven't had a bad curly cut in many, many years & I am now dealing with a mess & waiting for it to grow out. I have had the "other curly cut" in the past & loved it. It's more expensive but you get what you pay for that's for sure! So I will save my money & find a salon in the area that will give me a proper curly haircut!