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Curly Hair Salon - Destin, Florida, United States

Sep 01, 2011 - Today was my first visit to this salon. I have always had my hair cut the same way, despite asking and begging stylists for something different. I went to this salon based on the reviews from this website. The website spoke highly of Danna because she has curly hair herself and knows how to deal with it. And the reviews were true-- Danna was great. My hair has always been extremely thick, prone to frizziness and the curls just seemed to weigh my face down. I can only describe it as big--it seemed to get wider not longer, no matter how many layers it was cut in. Danna showed me the appropriate way to layer my hair and then she showed me how to wash my hair. I have never been shown or even told that curly hair requires different approaches to washing. I feel so much better after my hair cut. She kept a lot of the length, which I really needed to help minimize my round face. I have had 4 jaw surgeries because of TMJ and as a result, I have a permanent double chin at the most and at the least just a moon face (thanks doc--moving my chin did wonders for my self-confidence). I am 41 years old and my hair looked like I was trying to be younger, but just looking older instead. Now I am quite proud of the fact that my hair makes me look grown up, not old. My face doesn't look like a 41 year old--I look younger--and now my whole head reflects that. I have always gone to hair stylists maybe once or twice a year because it was always the same cut. I left today making my next appointment in 8 weeks to see Danna again. I have finally found someone who sees who I can be without hiding behind my hair.