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Luvena Leslie Salon - New Haven, Connecticut, United States

Oct 01, 2012 - I scheduled an appointment for my daughter who is African American and Hispanic with extremely tight curly hair. She is growing out some previously damaged hair from a wash and set from a Dominican salon. I brought her with her hair parted and sectioned because I thought it would be easier to comb through. Luvena informed me that what was going to be an appointment was now a consultation because she cuts hair in its natural state, (hair out), I completely understand that, but the receptionist who I spoke to and knew I was a new client should have informed me. I told her that I knew a significant amount of hair would have to be cut to remove the damaged hair but that I was hoping to possibly do it in phases so that the cut wouldn't be so drastic because both my daughter and I were worried about the length. She basically said that in order for her to work with her hair most of it would have to come off and told me of a client who had a similar experience and she gave her a buzz cut. That definitely was not going to happen with my daughter. She said to me a couple of times that maybe she isn't the person who should do her hair, why wouldn't she, isn't she suppose to be a curly hair specialist? I explained to her that I was looking to strengthen her hair, not use heat and find alternatives ways to style her hair. Again she mentioned she probably isn't the person who should be doing her hair. I know she wasn't interested in having me back because she didn't actually ask me to schedule another appointment at the front desk; I could call if I wanted too. Not to mention my appointment was for 11:30 and during that time she finished one client, cut another ones hair and put her under dryer. A good hairdresser would help nurture one's hair back to a good state while taking the clients concern's into consideration, no matter how long it would take. She didn't even suggest products or any type of advice. I refuse to chop my daughters’ hair so she can have a clean slate. I feel like Luvena took one look at us and decided she wasn't going to work with her hair. I thought her delivery of information was tacky and felt like she shunned me. She might work with all "curly" hair types, but it's evident from the pictures of her work on her website that there is one common denominator and clearly she has a preference.