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Shapes Salon & Studio - Denver, Colorado, United States

Nov 21, 2015 -

I went to Shapes Salon after my former Deva stylist moved and it became impossible to book with her. I'm not a typical curly/wavy- my hair completely changed texture after having children so I didn't grow up with curly or very wavy hair and I'm still getting used to how to style it and deal with it. I am very impressed with Jessica. My hair has several different wave patterns in different areas of my head so even with a Deva cut it can look weird. My former stylist always wanted me to come in with freshly washed/dried hair with a little bit of product but not scrunched out. When my hair is this way it looks uniform but as it goes through the day some parts lengthen/loosen while others stay in tighter waves and curls. Jessica asked me to just come with my hair down and as I'd normally wear it but NOT freshly washed/dried. This was key in getting a great cut, I think, because she was able to see that the back has looser waves while the sides are more curly/wavy. Jessica was very efficient and got my cut done quicker than any other devacut I've ever had. What impressed me most, though, was the style after. I'm familiar with CG and Deva methods but can never get my hair to get good clumps- I have small stringy waves. Jessica used a technique that seemed to incorporate several different methods rather than doggedly sticking to strict Deva and it was amazing for my hair! I got uniform waves and clumps that looked so glamorous! She used a different product line on my hair that made it feel and look amazing. Unfortunately, I had an allergic reaction to it the next day and can't use it but that isn't her fault! She was very gracious about allowing me to return the products I'd purchased, as well. The only downside to this salon for me is location. It's a 40 minute drive on a good day but since I25 is a hot MESS lately it ends up being closer to an hour and 15 minutes for me. I don't get in as often as I should because of the difficulty in scheduling trips down there between kid drop offs but am looking forward to my next visit!