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SheaMoisture Raw Shea Butter Restorative Conditioner

Jun 08, 2013 - Since I was about fifteen years old, my absolute favorite conditioner of all-time has been DevaCurl One Condition. After I moved away for college, I had to stop using One Condition as it was too expensive on a college kid's budget. I am now almost twenty-one and I have finally found the perfect replacement for my former favorite: Shea Moisture Restorative Conditioner. In addition to being all-natural and containing some organic ingredients—something that, as an environmentalist, is incredibly important to me—this product is thick, extremely moisturizing, and, at about ten dollars for twelve ounces (about eighty-three cents per ounce), it is very, very budget-friendly. My hair can get very dry if I'm not careful, but this conditioner keeps it in excellent condition, and makes for a great detangler, or an add-on to a leave-in conditioner or deep treatment, and definitely adds shine to my curls, too. My only complaint is that my pump broke, and because this conditioner is somewhat thick, it's difficult to get it out of the bottle without it. Still, this could very easily be a fluke, so I'm not too worried. If I had to pick something else I don't like, it would be that you can currently only buy Shea Moisture products at Target, Walgreen's, or online, which makes it slightly inconvenient to purchase. Again, though, that's really not a huge deal at all.

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Kelly Elaine Inc. - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
Kelly Anker (owner)

Jun 09, 2013 - First, a bit of background. I am originally from outside of Pennsylvania and moved to Pittsburgh for school. Aside from straying a handful of times, I have literally been seeing the same hairstylist since I was a toddler. Seriously, the same woman who gave me my first real haircut ("real" meaning it wasn't a trim my mom gave me as a kid) has cut my hair almost every other time since then, and I'm now in my early twenties. I love this woman to death, and she's become something of a family friend and has given me some truly spectacular cuts in the past. I went to this woman in early March when my hair was very long, mostly covering my breasts. I wanted to cut it to my shoulders and it was like pulling teeth trying to convince the stylist to go that short. The whole time, she frowned and told me I would hate having shorter hair, that if I wanted to do something drastic I should get a tattoo or a new piercing. Nevertheless, she did a fantastic job, and it was certainly one of the best haircuts I've received. In mid-May, my hair was getting long (my hair grows very fast and had grown about two to three inches since the last cut), and I wanted to go even shorter. I didn't want to wait until my next trip home, nor did I want to convince my beloved stylist to chop off the rest of my hair, especially since I was one-hundred percent sure what I wanted to do. A friend recommended Kelly Elaine, and my mother has gotten several DevaCurl cuts in the past, so I decided to take the plunge. Oh my goodness, am I glad I did. Kelly, the owner, cut my hair. When I sat down with her before the cut, my hair was a couple inches past my shoulders and I told her I wanted to go as short as possible while still looking fabulous. Rather than encourage me to stick with long or medium-length hair, as everyone in my life had been doing, Kelly grinned and described what she thought would be the perfect hair cut for my face shape and personality. Then she got to work, cutting about eight to ten inches of hair off (I was unable to donate my hair as it was bleached and dyed). She was very friendly and talkative the entire time, and though she accidentally cut me with the scissors at one point, everything went very smoothly. Although I've subscribed to the curly girl method since high school, Kelly went through everything she was doing while washing and styling my hair, which I am very thankful for. She brought me the curly girl handbook to read and left me alone for a bit before bringing me back to the chair to cut a little bit more. All of this was occurred this past Thursday. You can look at my profile picture to see how the cut turned out. After having long hair since toddlerhood, I can honestly say I have never been happier with my hair. I especially love how Kelly was really willing to listen to what I wanted. She really tried to fit the cut to me, suggesting a few possible styles and then adding, "But you're edgier than that, so let's do this instead," and offering another option. She described what she was doing as she was doing it, all while smiling and making conversation. Five stars and a HUGE thank you to Kelly Elaine!