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SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Hold & Shine Moisture Mist

Sep 08, 2011 - After reading a bunch of reviews I was so excited to try this product! I was hoping it would take care of the dry, frizziness my hair is often prone to by afternoon but sadly it made my frizz worse :(. I'm thinking I'm sensitive to protein. On my hair it behaved as if I sprayed it with plain 'ol water which for me is a big NO-NO cuz all I get is a frizz halo. I'm gonna return it to Walgreens and I'll keep searching....

Kiss My Face Upper Management Gel

Mar 22, 2011 - After reading the wonderful reviews on this product I was pretty excited to try it but sadly I was very disappointed. I'm a 3C and my HG is KCCC with CK over top but I'm always looking for a cheaper alternative that I can get locally. I did my co-wash, used my leave-in and did the super-soaker method to get this stuff thru my hair. As soon as I put it in my hands and then put it in my hair, it felt horrible. Absolutely NO slip whatsoever and very thick. I really squished it thru my hair to work it in. My hair was awful all day. I even tried once more and it was just as nasty. So, back to the store I go to see if I can get a refund.

Curly Hair Solutions Curl Keeper Original

Nov 28, 2010 - I've been using CK now for the past several months and have to say I love it on my 3C curls!! I dont' like it by itself but I do love it over AG:Recoil or KCCC. It does a great job keeping my curls defined with barely any frizz. The smell isn't great but using it over top of my other products gives me great results, so great I just bought the 1 litre!!

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Cortexx - grand rapids, Michigan, United States
Kateri (salon Owner)

Dec 19, 2013 - Hi everyone~just wanted to let you all know that Kateri has moved into a space all her own! Here is where you can find her (as of Oct 2013): Eclipse Salon Suites~#6 1606 Leonard NW Grand Rapids, MI 49504 Cell: (616) 717-1511 Kateri specializes in curly hair and color but also is fantastic doing straight hair!!

Cortexx - grand rapids, Michigan, United States

Apr 11, 2013 - Before I give my review of Kateri, I'm using this forum as a public service announcement for any of you who have tried to contact Kateri at the Cortexx Salon. She no longer works there but has been unable to update her contact info on this NC site due to a technical problem and so I will give you her new info: Kateri Johnson Demetrios Panopoulos Salons 3515 Lake Eastbrook Blvd Grand Rapids, MI (616) 942-2885 or (616) 717-1511 I found Kateri on this site and have been coming to see her regularly for the past 6 months. I make a 45 min drive because she is so worth it!! I have 3C hair and no one in my life has ever been able to deal with it the way Kateri does. She herself has gorgeous long, curly hair and is extremely knowledgeable about how to deal with it. She is also a color guru and is amazing at doing color but she also teaches color techniques to other stylists because yes, she's THAT good! Kateri cuts my curly hair dry which I love. She is very professional and kind and answers all my million questions and completely understands me and my hair issues, lol :). Prior to Kateri, I had been going to another salon which was much closer to home but their prices were very high and I ended up bringing in my own products to use after my cut and then I styled it myself and sat under the dryer before leaving. I was thinking there was something wrong with that picture! Kateri's prices are much less than what I was used to paying. She never tries to upsell product or services that you haven't asked for. Since I'm trying to grow my hair, if I go in for a color and she says my hair is in good condition, we forego the trim until next time. I highly recommend Kateri to all of you curlies out there! You will be amazed at what she knows about curly hair and how to manage it. I plan to keep going to Kateri for many years, she's a keeper!!

Cortexx - grand rapids, Michigan, United States

Jun 17, 2010 - Since I found this site I was looking for someone who could cut my curly 3C hair that was reasonably close to where I live. I looked at the salons in my area and wasn't sure which of the 6 listed I should choose. Then I read about Kateri (owner) of Cortexx Salon in Grand Rapids, MI. The review stated that Kateri herself has wild and crazy curly hair and was an expert in the care, color and maintenance of curls. That basically SEALED the deal for me! I had called another salon about their curly "expert" but when I asked if she was curly herself they told me no. Ok, so if I want someone who I know, KNOWS curls, for me it's gonna be someone who is walking in my shoes. I called Cortexx and spoke to Kateri and she was soooo helpful and kind and so knowledgeable about curly hair (seriously girls, she was talkin' the curly talk that I've learned on this site!) and to top it all off, she cuts curls dry. I went in this week and couldn't be more happy :). I walked in and Kateri has my very 3c'ish hair more than half way down her back~she and her hair are gorgeous!! It was so strange for me to walk into a place and see someone with MY hair. She took loads of time talking with me and answering all my questions. I also got a trim and a color retouch, both which are FAB!! I will definately be going back there and I would highly recommend Kateri and her salon to anyone willing to make the drive to West Michigan!!! ~Anita