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Sep 27, 2010 - I wanted to try and see if there was a difference going to a salon that specialized in curly hair, to see if they cut my hair any different. So i asked around and came across Curl Ambassadors. I figured if they are really good, I do not mind spending $85 every 3 months or so on my hair. So I went to the Toronto location and have regretted it ever since.The hairdresser I got really did spend time on my hair, but she really didn't listen to what I wanted at all. She started off cutting my hair dry, then took me to the back and applied all this various products, then took pains to dry my hair into ringlets and then snipped here and there. Although the curls looked great, i couldn't help thinking It was flatter than before and I didn't really get the layers i wanted. So I purchased the $30 shampoo hoping it would improve the frizziness and texture of my hair. Now I ask myself, seriously, what curly hair doesn't have atleast some sort of frizz?!?!?! I have to say I am very disappointed with the cut. I regret going there and losing my lion mane hair of curls. My hair no longer has the shape it used to. It looks flat and like I just came in from the rain. Absolutely no layers. At one point, I asked her if there was a reason why my hair shed so often and she said, after the cut it should stop shedding (I dont know what i was thinking, but I actually gave her the benefit of the doubt). I've actually stopped getting compliments for my hair...makes sense...cause it looks terribly average, despite my using the $30 shampoo and my Aveda mousse! I'm better off going to the basement lady and paying her $12 to get my hair looking the way it used to...thick, full and gorgeously curly!