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Kelly Elaine Inc. - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
Kelly Anker (owner)

Feb 08, 2013 - Kelly is the BEST! I have curly hair that was treated like it was straight for the majority of my life, but then, in 2010, I had an epiphany; I was forcing my hair to be straight against its will! I started using a curly girl method of hair care in 2010 and, finally, after nearly three years of letting my hair do exactly as it pleases, the final piece has fallen into place now that I have found Kelly Elaine Inc. This will be the only salon that I go to from here on out. While I maintained a CG method of hair care, I have only gone to stylists in the past that claimed they knew how to handle curly hair, but, it was always the same story. They would wash my hair and then cut it - which is awful for curly hair! My hair would never look the way I envisioned it should when I would leave the salon, any layers that were cut into my hair were not suitable for my curly hair, and my hair would always end up frizzier than when I first sat in the chair. And while my hair is not super curly, it would always shrink to a much shorter length than I had hoped for, so, I would find myself having hair that was way too short for my liking for a few weeks until it would grow out a bit. And the worst, personally, would happen when stylists would cut my hair all one length which would drag the curls in my canopy down. A proper curly cut really makes all the difference. Once I found out about Kelly Elaine Inc on and saw all of the awesome before/after pictures on Facebook, I knew that this was the place to get my hair cut. And boy was I right! The atmosphere of the salon is extremely inviting. When I walked in, I was greeted by Kelly, Faith, and Goose, one of Kelly's dogs who happily came over to say hello while I checked in as a new client. Kelly and Faith were extremely personable and were very easy to chat with while I was getting my hair done. I have always felt awkward when trying to talk to stylists before, but, not here! Kelly did an awesome job with cutting my hair and Faith was amazing as well, showing me how to wash and style it with the Deva products. I was so delighted with my hair cut, it's honestly the first time in years that I have walked out of a salon loving my hair this much. For the curly crowd, Kelly Elaine Inc is the entire package: knowledge, skills, and a comfortable atmosphere.