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Kinky-Curly Curling Custard

Sep 30, 2011 - I just started to try/use this product. First day was awfull. way to puffy. Some curl definition not enough hold and it felt yucky. I'm a white girl with 3a/b frizzy curly hair and lots of it. I watched a you tube video on how to apply, tried it and also decided to add a little Bio Silk Rock Hard Gelee and it came out a lot better and it also feels better. I know it's supposed to be a one product to take care of all curly hair issues but for me, it didn't provide enough hold. I also use Morrocan Oil Intense Curl cream with the Rock Hard Gelee and I like that too. So.. if you have the product and are frustrated.. just add another gel.. with both the KCCC and BRHG.. I don't get any stiffness at all from these products alone or together like some people do. I just get the hold I need to control my frizz and poofyness. Good Luck!

Carols Daughter Hair Milk

Jul 01, 2011 - I just tried a sample that I received a month or so ago. I have 3b.. I think but very dry hair.. nothing gives me moisture. I used deva curl one condition and then I put a small amount about 2 dimes of the hair milk, scrunched and then followed up with a bit of BRHG and it seems to be working really well...something that holds my hair down and gives it a little weight is a good thing. . I think it's good for really dry frizzy hair that is hard to define, it's something I'm constantly searching for. I don't like the smell at first, couldn't figure out what it was..on curl mart someone mentioned Pledge!!! That is exactly it!! Ha ha but it does seem to go away once it dries. The only think I find with natural products is that they tend to make the back of my scalp a little itchy.. not sure why.. morrocean oil curl creme did the same thing.. I do like this much better though and can stand a little itchness once I get used to it.. hey, if you have dry frizzy hair, it's worth it to spend a little more to get the results.. I do my own toe nails and save there! : )

curlysailor's Latest Salon Reviews

Louis Anthony - Quincy, Massachusetts, United States

Dec 18, 2010 - Cut my curls into lots of short layers, left in tears.

Visions - Canton, Massachusetts, United States
Bret Guaraldi, owner

Feb 10, 2010 - After two bad curly cuts, a Deva cut which ended up short, and once grown out, a Shahag cut which ended with short top layers, badly formed curls and very frayed ends, I let it grow out and really needed some hair repair. How I met Bret is a crazy story but before I even went to the salon, he told me that curly girls never leave his salon with short layers. Well, that is all us curly girls need to hear to know that a hairdresser probably gets curly hair. I have found my holy grail hairdresser. Bret has 35yrs in the biz and is Deva trained for several years now. He told me why the previous cut was not working and we agreed on how "little" to cut. He not only listened to me and heard what I wanted but followed through on it. He brought my curls back to life from the terrible state they were in and made my hair look amazing by cutting very little. I would highly recommend Bret. Not only that, he charges $50.00 without a blow dry! You can't beat that for a cut with the owner of a salon who is a master curly stylist.