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Salon & Boutique Atelier - West Palm Beach, Florida, United States

Jul 28, 2012 - So first off this is Joni:) I was "required" to leave a rating, so 5 shears it is. I want to acknowledge this very poor review. It came as a shock to me to read such a hateful review. It seemed more of a personal attack and less of a review on the quality of my work. I searched though every new curly client I had prior to June 15th and I didn't have one that hasn't been a repeat client since. I went as far back as early May and nothing. It didn't take me long before I remembered running into a curly client of mine( the same time frame) in a professional beauty supply house. She is not licensed to be in this place and I recalled her telling me that a hair stylist friend of hers that moved had given her a member card and that she went in whenever she needed professional products at our cost. I quickly said hello and asked her where she had been, she told me my prices were too high, that she couldn't afford to get her hair done by me. I reminded her that her bill was higher last time because I did partial highlights, a base color, and a haircut, (on top of that I had given her a break in the cost by $20 bucks or so, we are a downtown salon and our pricing is competitive and fair for the area. Not to mention we have a menu as to not leave people wondering.) When it was time to check out at the supply house an employee asked her for proof that she was a stylist, she had none. The manager and the employee left both myself and her at the counter and she confronted me, she accused me of telling on her. I told her that perhaps they over heard me asking a "client" where she had been and why I hadn't seen her in my chair. She was very angry. I checked out and left. I was reminded at work that this client was the same women that cussed out my receptionist because the salon was out of a curl gel she needed, (one that cannot be bought in the supply house she can get into). She had been a very angry client in the salon dropping the f-bomb in front of children over hair gel. She never once told me she was unhappy with her hair. I pride myself in the time I take with every curly girl, I'm passionate about teaching clients on how to manage their curl, and I'm always honest, patient with people who have had so many bad experiences, and thoughtful about how many of us curlies feel about our hair. I continue to work with clients who still struggle to manage their hair and I tell them that they can email or call me about questions. I try to be the stylist I never had. It's very hurtful to see a review like this especially when it implies that my co-workers "feel the same". This is intended to cause trouble, none of my curlies have complained to my business partners and they have no idea why someone would write such a claim. To further my belief that I have the correct person making false claims, this client surfs... thank you "surfergirl" for showing me that I'm not just dealing with the public in a very honest and fair way but people who will try to harm reputations for the sake of revenge that is undeserving. Karma will take care of this, thank you to all of my loyal curlies. I'm grateful to the wonderful clients I have and the new ones I get daily from this genius website. Thank you Naturallycurly you are doing an amazing service to us all.

Salon & Boutique Atelier - West Palm Beach, Florida, United States
Joni Sansone

Mar 30, 2010 - A well rounded stylist who has dedicated her 11 year career to curls. She is also naturally curly with all of the experience of a curly girl who has had every curl nightmare. Joni makes sure you have a curl education before you walk out the door. It is a hair experience any curly chic will love.