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Na-Klectic Natural Hair Gallery - Smyrna, Georgia, United States

Sep 21, 2011 - This is hard for me. I have never left a bad review about a salon, however I've never had a result like this before! I went to Naklectic Salon in LA after seeing the 5 scissors rating on this site. I called and made an appointment for kinky twists and the girl on the phone told me that they "Specialize" in kinky twists. That made me excited. I was also told that they had a special and that my style would cost approximately $150-$175, not bad for LA. I showed up and there was no one in the salon but my stylist (Peter), he was cornrowing another stylist's hair. It didn't look very nice but I believe the girl said she was going to sew a weave over the cornrows, so I let it go. I got in the chair and I saw that the hair that the stylist got for me was not typical kinky twist hair. It looked like braid hair that was made to look a little kinky. He also bought WAY too many bags (5 or 6 bags).First sign that this was going to be bad. The final straw was when he went to curl the ends. He put the rollers on my hair and STUCK ME UNDER THE DRYER!!! I have NEVER, EVER had anyone do this before. Needless to say the curls did not come out at all. He proceeded to take the rollers out and said that he didn't bring anything to dip my hair in so I had to go home and do it myself. I looked like Who Shot John when I left. He had the nerve to ask for $225 because he provided the hair. I told him I was told $150-$175 and ended up giving him $180. The way this is looking I could have done it myself. He was a really sweet guy and we had great conversation for the six hours I was in the chair but he did not know what he was doing. My twists are already unraveling. I have to retwist them each night. I would have preferred for the experts at the salon to tell me that they weren't available that day then to have me go waste my time and money!!