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DevaCurl Low-Poo

Jan 05, 2013 - I used to LOVE, absolutely ADORE low poo! Unfortunately, Deva decided to change the formulation and whatever they've done has absolutely RUINED it!!!!!!! I was using a bottle that was purchased in October and it was WONDERFUL - left my 3c corkscrews so soft, elastic and bouncy with absolutely no frizz! I just got a new bottle for Christmas and couldn't believe what came out of the bottle. It looked and smelled the same but it barely lathered (I had to use a lot more) and left my hair hard, dry, knotted and frizzy. I was so taken aback! I then used the very last dregs I could squeeze out of a travel bottle that I had previously filled from my old bottle of low poo and, ta-da! - bouncy, soft, elastic curls, so it wasn't just my imagination! I even RETURNED and exchanged the new bottle thinking maybe I somehow got an adulterated batch, but no luck! My sister even tried a THIRD new bottle and she had the same result as me - hard, knotty, straw-like hair - the complete opposite of our results with previous bottles of low-poo. DEVA - I have no idea WHAT you have done to the low-poo, but you have completely destroyed the best cleansing product my hair had EVER seen! I so wish I had stocked up on big bottles of it this past summer, but of course I couldn't have anticipated this. What a huge disappointment. I will never buy this again. This new formulation is HORRIBLE. Absolute junk. Looks like my search begins again for a 'curly girl' cleanser that will give me good results.