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Kinky-Curly Curling Custard

Mar 03, 2014 - I never write reviews but as a curly girl i know they REALLY help us out so here goes. I have 3B curls with this ONE weird patch on my canopy that always frizzes like ALWAYS. i never use 'product' in my hair - I can usually get really good definition with just oil and conidioner other than that one frizzy patch but even with the definition I get all over sometimes I want something with just a 'touch' of hold. I tried the Ecostyler gel that everyone raves about (red top) and i HATED it - it made my hair so hard and dry it was unbelivable so I decided to try this. I actually like the consistancy because its gel LIKE but not a gel - its like a watered down gel. I hate the smell but I usually disllike any frangrance in my products so that's just me and the smell totally goes away while in your hair. I've used this twice, once with tresemme naturals as the leave in and once with KKNT and I acutally prefer the tresemme naturals.When applying my hair was wet but not like totally sopping wet but I did use my spray bottle as parts got dried out. As for the amount of product to apply I just made sure my hair was well coated the same way it is when I apply my oils and leave in. I didn't get any residue or flaking with tresemme and I also used an oil underneath both times (castor mixed with a store brought oil Profecitv I forgot the whole name) but both times I got really beautiful soft fluffy curls. Both times my hair got pretty hard but it scrunched right out and what was left behind were soft, plump, conditioned ringlets. This forms some type of 'cast' around your hair so i think maybe one of the keys to this is obtaining the shape you want prior to applying - I don't this is the type of product that can help you create a shape that isn't there. So if you know how to manipulate your hair into the shape you want or you naturally have your shape but want hold and definition this may work for you.